Thursday, October 20, 2016

Actual rebels would be arrested or targetted by organizations representing powerful crime families like the ADL and the SPLC does... DUH! Lol.

Cursing, tattoos, obscene public sex acts and acting all gangsta against enemies of powerful Wall Street Jews just isn’t resonating anymore. Masking hyper-conformity as a manifestation of uniqueness and chic rebellion is one of the more subtle ways Jews have traditionally incited and mobilized young people into doing their bidding, but the new counter-culture we (the alt-right, for lack of a better term) are building is far more effective: it’s genuine grassroots rebellion.

Daily Stormer 

Checking my white privilege, Cuz I don’t give a fuck
My n-words share my wife, I’m a Gangsta Cuck
You report about “black crime”, but that’s not polite
Yo, come to Detroit and say it, pussy ass alt-right!
I got balls like grapefruits cuz I speak my mind
Though I made my millions, sellin’ my behind
Donald Trump says he grabs asses and that offends me
I’m a tough muthafucka, you’re not allowed to politically disagree
If you wanna make a statement, within bounds set by Goldstein
Sign up, stand up, vote: Hillary 2016


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