Thursday, October 20, 2016

Interesting theory...

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not in charge of jack or shit. The Clinton Foundation is a front, and they are the figureheads to get the workings of the US regime to cut the deals for the cartel as Mrs. Clinton was managing the State Department for this cartel, which is what installed Obama into the White House and has been redrawing all the dope, sex, weapons and oil boundaries around the world.
...James Comey is one of the assets, as is Loretta Lynch etc...

It explains a  bit why this mafia took a few shots in Delaware at the Biden mansion to tell the Delaware syndicate to back off and not run for President challenging this cartel group backing Hillary Clinton. It is why that cryptic message from Biden's staff assistance to John Podesta makes sense in his not liking bringing on the demise of Joe Biden, but happy to jump ship and be rewarded by the Clinton campaign.

This group who Chelsea Clinton married into as their princess, is beyond the Arkansas mafia which had dead bodies showing up around the Clintons. This is the group which bodies in Washington DC appeared and it was all covered up.

Madam Resident

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