Monday, October 24, 2016

Ramble 10/24...

Her Mexican American daughter seems to be a proxy for... herself. She is the one that's phobic of the Goyim/Monster. Although, if she traumatizes her daughter in the usual manner/initiating her into the ethnic gang that these people have then she might be scared of Trump/"Hitler" making her into soap for no reason too. Trump Kosher Soap Inc. It will be the greatest soap ever, that I can tell you.

It's the "for no reason" part that is key to understanding Jewish fear and loathing of the "Goyim"/Moral Monsters under the bed. They usually don't look in the mirror, to see a reflection of everything they're projecting onto their "Nazis"/cartoons.

Truth be told, I wouldn't care that much about how utterly crazy and absurd Jewish culture and Jewish stories and Jewish lies and defamation of the "goyim" are if they thought that Eskimos were their ethnic enemy. Because then they would be thinking that Eskimos made them into soap for no reasons, probably mixing them in with whale blubber or something. Whatever, their insane and neurotic stories would tend to vary. But here's the problem, these crazy Jews view my son of European descent as a "Nazi" and they're an ethnic oligarchy that owns the media and shapes the culture he is going to grow up in.

So that's a bit of a "problem." Because they're never the oppressor or the Moral Monster under the bed. I wouldn't sweat about it or have xenophobic nightmares like this crazy lady. But they are pretty oppressive as an ethnic group. So perhaps we should lobby for all Palestinians to be accepted as refugees, in the finest and most humanitarian of ways... gay rainbows all the way, too! Lol. ;-)

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