Friday, October 28, 2016

Every comments section is like this now. I can ohly imagine the ethnic instincts of some: "(((Whoopsy!!!)))"

It was more entertaining when people didn't understand its ethnic (((motivations))). Now the endless reality shows are too real... if we wanted reality, we'd go to NYC or wherever to see all the Jews creating these shows, in reality.
Allahu Snackbar
Number of White Christian Europeans enslaved by North Africans between the 16th and 18th century alone as a result of the Barbary slave trade. Over 1.25 million. Number of Black Africans enslaved by other Black Africans and sold to White people in North America. 388,000 Where's our slavery museum? We don't even get our slavery discussed in public school. You know, because it would muck up the narrative. For that matter, why don't you give Hispanics any shit?A majority of the 10.7 million African slaves that survived the middle passage ended up in South America. Yet you only ever seem to blame White people.

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