Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oops, already commented on African criminality against Asians... and yes, I blame the Jews for pushing endless diversity on everyone in order to establish an ethnic oligarchy in their usual manner. Jews, Jews, Jews! Lol. They hate that.

Asian collateral damage of the war by corrupt politicians to try to elect a non-white/diversified electorate in Philly so that they have a more easily incited electorate based on tribal politics.  All they have to do: "He hates Asians!"  Etc.  And you win the election.  They're gradually expanding this out from the cities and into the rural areas that white ethnic groups usually move to in order to live with their kin group.  That's white flight and a Great Sin according to these people.  Lol. 

Imagine this, drop off Tibetan pygmies in Amish country and then the next election cycle: "He hates pygmies!!!"  Win the election, then bring in more and more diversity.  Never mind the fact that the pygmies just hunted and sacrificed the cows that the Amish were trying to raise and all the ethnic conflict that results from diversity.  The Democratic/Jewish technique of using ethnic conflict to win elections may need to end soon, folks.  We're running out of cities to abandon.   Trump or no Trump, I think the Pentagoon goys and some others may have even finally begun to notice what the Jews have done and are doing to America. 

Imagine Sarah Silverman/Lena Dunham/Amy Schumer/the Democratic party:  "Why can't these Amish get along with pygmies??  Geez, racist Amish!  Let's drop off 10,000 Syrian refugees here too. That will teach these white racist Nazis, I mean rubes not to be so racist.  Fight Amish Nazism with progress, forward comrades.. stronger together!  It's all about Jews like me, I mean oppressed pygmy groups like me. Well, I'm off to the racial colonies that we're using your taxes to build for my own kin group.  But make sure you Team World police all the pygmies and Syrians we just used to win the last election... looks like they're not getting along!"  Etc.

It's not all about rainbow love and the Amish/Chinese/pygmies/Africans/Hispanics/Whites all being stronger together, goys.  It's all crazy.  It's a world gone mad.  I sound like a madman describing it! It doesn't make any sense.  Etc.  No, it makes perfect sense if one notes the ethnic identity of Sarah Silverman/Al Franken/Lena Dunham/Saul Alinksy/George Soros/and the executives and owners of CNN/ABC/NBC/etc.  They're trying to diversify the possibility of "Nazism" out of existence without looking at why a Marxist Jew named Konrad Heiden invented the term as a slur for rural white ethnic groups resisting Judaism/Communism in the past.  "Nazi" = white rube or bumpkin, like Sarah Palin.  I will not even mention what a "feminist"/Jewish comedian said about her. 

I don't even like Sarah Palin.  But she triggered them very hard, that's why it seems like "the media" in America goes crazy sometimes.  I ramble on about this stuff because otherwise you'll think the world is crazy.  It's not.  It's just Jewish culture.  It actually makes sense if one notes that they think that white ethnic groups/"rubes" like Sarah Palin may make them into soap and lampshades again, in their feverish imaginations.  The same feverish imaginations that caused their ethnic group to lie about and endlessly defame "Nazis"/Germans in the first place.  From the white hipster that thinks that German Christians sang hymns louder in order to drown out the screams of Jews to the Judeo-Christian that keeps on comparing abortion to the "Holocaust"...  some goys seem to be terminally gullible on this.

If you care about abortion, stop lying or being witless and tell the truth.

If you care about the destruction of European Christian culture and ethnic groups, stop lying or being witless and tell the truth.

If you care about Asians subject to African violence that's being incited by Hollywood, stop lying or being willfully ignorant and tell the truth.

The reason for the vast majority of all this is that people are refusing to be logical and truthful.          

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