Monday, October 24, 2016

The Jew shivers and the legions of effete cucks wonder at the feeling of what they've been conditioned all their miserable lives for by their Chosen Master Race. There's something going on here. Shiver...

"This was the path to cultural Marxism and the enslavement of Europe by Judaeo-globalist neo-liberalism. This is the basis for the coming war to expel the Jews and their 3rd world imports brought in by transnational Jewish finance to replace and genocide the indigenous people of Europe. How glorious is this battle to come across all Europe, how glorious the final victory of fascism which will return God, nature, the family and morality to Europe and banish the degeneracy and atheism unleashed by the French revolution. How glorious the rivers of blood which will flow into the Thames from the bowels of the traitors in Westminster, how glorious the re-taking of British soil from the colonisers and invaders. How glorious the day when England shall be England once again!"

Random comment...  

" replace and genocide the indigenous people of Europe..."

True, actually.

Personally, I've never seen a single Jew expose or condemn their clansmen for this. 

And this is the issue of our day.  Whether it's framed as Trump vs. Clinton (Implicit, but pretty explicit these days too.) or whoever, this is the issue.  You can decide on tax rates later. 

Although, you can't decide the other issues either if globalist criminals like Clinton/Merkel successfully elects a new electorate in order to continue to diversify, disenfranchise and dispossess white ethnic groups in order to defeat "white supremacy" and "racism" in their own countries. 

Tax rates...  Lol. 

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