Thursday, October 27, 2016

(((Neoconservatives))) head Left again, good riddance....

Darlings of the faux-dissident Left, like Michael Moore and hardline Jewish supremacist Bill Maher, have dropped all pretense of being renegade opponents of war and vulture-capitalism by taking money (Moore) or putting racial interests (Maher) ahead of any principles and seamlessly submerging themselves as transitory ambassadors and cogs in new Wall Street first, invade-the-world Democrat machine of Hillary [‘s Jew donors].
Somehow Donald Trump, the only candidate opposed to NAFTA and TPP, against reckless foreign interventions and regime-changing, who backs the closing of the carried interest loophole that allows investment banking firms to dodge massive amounts of taxes, who in his Gettysburg contract to the American people promised to bust bloated Zionist cartels like Comcast – is triggering the singularity of everyone from the Communist Party USA and the National Review.
The message is clear: the liberal left is the humanitarian alibi for plutocratic money, while the conservative right employs moral preening and Christianity to manipulate public opinion. The only principle that unites both is the foaming at the mouth globalist hostility towards white working people of their (((patrons))) and (((intellectuals))), which supersedes everything else. This is why when push comes to shove, there is no meaningful difference between the left and the right.

Daily Stormer

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