Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Comment on some Alex Jonestown crap...

You let in the Jew and the Jew rotted your empire, and you yourselves out-jewed the
Jew. Your allies in your victimized holdings are the bunyah, you stand for NOTHING but

And above metal usury; you have built up bank usury, 60% against 30 and 40%, and by
that you WILL NOT be saved. Corrupting the whole earth, you have lost yourselves to

And the big Jew has rotted EVERY nation he has wormed into. A millstone. Well, an
exceptionally good swimmer MIGHT conceivably be cast into the sea with a stone tied round
his neck. He might perhaps untie it. If he were a Scotchman, he would remember his
jackknife, before being thrown overboard.

You seem to remember NOTHING. It were better you were infected with typhus. As to
federal union, or JEW/nion. There is NO question of race in Streit's proposition. It is as
proposed a union of slaves, under jewry. Offered by liars and abettors of thieves."
Google: "Ezra Pound transcripts"

Some Masons are Judaizers, others less so. All have sworn fealty to Zion in their silly little oaths and they don't know who is at the top of the pyramid of the brotherhood of fools and pet scapegoats like George W. Bush. I think it was Gingrich that said Trump is feared and loathed so by them because he wasn't a member of a secret society. So they don't necessarily know what he will do.

Although, the most likely scenario is "Make America Great Again" to "Stand with Israel" even bigger and better than before, that I can tell you.

So I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. You are generally slaves to the debt/money system, so the Jews can generally still incite a war or revolution when they want one. Gotten a bit sloppy lately though, e.g. using left over "Nazis" in the Ukraine in order to have a Jewish coup there. Remember the ADL framing it as Russia creating lists of Jews, etc.? Probably not.

Try looking up a Ukrainian general saying: "I don't have anything against Jews and Masons... but???" Etc. The usual.

 (Side note, Paul Ryan is a globalist/Mason... and the Whiskey Rebellion was better than the Masonic rebellion that shifted the banker's war debt/money from England to France.  Trump is driving these people mad with fear.  And I like that.  Apparently they're afraid that he's going to grab some pussies! 


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