Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ramble 10/18

It's amazing how quickly this nation/country has changed due to Jews.  

They were kicked out of regions in Russia, then they killed the Czar and his whole family and established Communism/Judaism there.  Finally kicked out again by Stalin.  Accepted as refugees by Germany in the meantime, agitated there for Communism/Judaism in their usual manner again.  Finally kicked out of Germany during WWII and many came to America, now they're agitating "oppressed minority" groups (Some invented from almost nothing, e.g. their servile LGBT tribes.) here while supporting mass immigration to diversify the host population further. 

So who knows what the future holds now.  After this silly carnival of Trumpism...  a final attempt to "Make America Great Again" in order to "Stand with Jews" even bigger and better and taller than before! 
Problem is, they get their ethnic identity from a criminal cult of supremacy.  So the more Orthodox they become, the more they will be going back to the source of Communism and secular variants of Judaism like the critical theories "political correctness" invented by the Frankfurt School after they got themselves kicked out of Germany.  And so forth. 

People are all concerned about mere "Trumpism" for now.  They should be asking themselves what happens farther down the road due to Jewish behavior.  Because that's the source of it, not Trump.  They're still going to be here doing the stuff that got them kicked out of every other country they've ever lived in, Trump or no Trump.  First he came for the illegal Mexicans.  And then that's all he did.  Servile shabbos goyim:  "But, but... we've seen this movie before!  This is it!!  This is what I've  been groomed my whole life for, with every other movie I've watched.  I want to be a righteous unclean goyim piece of filth to serve what is good for the Jews first.  Me first!  Pick me first!  I'll kill Hitler, I mean Trump for you!"  Etc.etc.

Apparently witless Judeo-Christian baby boomers thought Jesus actually meant:  "Hey guys, I was just kidding about the whole den of vipers thing.  After all, that's a stereotypical view of snakes motivated by a phobia!  (((Freud))) would probably say it's because I have a short penis and an authoritarian personality, not because elite Jews are actually like a den of vipers as a group.  Say, how about you teach me about how good Judaism is and what good fruits it will bear as you built a Jewish State.... and stand with "Israel," as you say.  How about you instruct me on the traditions of the Jews, I must have had it all wrong!"   Etc.  

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