Monday, October 10, 2016

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Many are noticing the increasingly aggressive rhetoric against Russia pushed by the likes of Clinton and amplified by the media. Many are asking why such a sudden and aggressive posture against Russia? Firstly, it’s not “sudden”, the tensions have been growing between the US government along with the EU against Russia for some time. But it’s coming to a head because Russia is not complying; worse, she has the audacity to resist the puppeteers behind the Western governments that seek to make her heel to their globalist demands. Before you start waving that flag and pouring wine into gutters while munching on greasy "freedom fries", you might want to read the following, and investigate yourself.
In a very quick nutshell, here’s why there’s a deliberate attempt to begin grooming the populations of the West for the coming war against Russia. Also, don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to read the following and to research it all yourself.
Putin's Russia is holding fast against the internationalists and globalists. Russia is not owned by the bankers and the IMF because it is not in significant debt...that places Russia beyond their control. Putin is also speaking of replacing the petrodollar with a basket of currencies, to include the Russian Rouble so as to isolate the energy market from the dollar’s increasing weakness and instability.
Putin kicked out and jailed the profiteers and Jewish oligarchs that reigned supreme after the fall of the USSR in the 90s. (Interestingly, for those who think the internationalist Jew is a myth and conspiracy theory, what happened in Russia clearly illustrates that it isn't and many of these oligarchs kicked out by Putin are now in Tel Aviv).
Unlike here in the US, where everything is subordinate to the profit motive in a system that’s rigged by international corporations and international bankers, Putin makes sure the economic sector and its corporate members serve the political and through it the Russian people. In the US, those that run the economy and advocate for a “free market” help only themselves and the only “freedom” the people have is to be exploited. The destruction of the middle-class is complete, and increasingly people have to work longer harder for less (why we still talk about a middle-class in this country is an offense to reality, again: go research the distribution of wealth in the US today). Toil and consume has become the “golden-rule” of life in Western societies beyond which you don’t exist or have value as an individual (so much for your much touted “individualism” America…but that’s another subject for another discussion at another time.)
Russia rejects cultural-Marxism. For example, there are no gay marriages or normalization of aberrant behavior in Russia; on the contrary. Also, Russia makes it very clear that while she is a multi-ethnic state, the minorities will not be given privileges over the white majority. No turnkey- ready careers and access to money, education, housing, living allowance, food, ability to loot without consequence when “upset” etc. because you’re black in Russia. Then again, they are lucky not to have blacks in Russia. They know not their good fortune in that regard.
Furthermore, unlike here in the US, white genocide is not welcomed in Russia. Putin speaks of white demographic decline as a problem and seeks to resolve it by encouraging births amongst whites through the subsiding of 2+ babies/ household, along with a living wage for women who want to be homemakers in white families, etc. All of which is heresy here in the US.
There are more reasons why the US government is angling for a war with Russia, such as Russia’s support of Assad; which is getting in the way of the plan for a Greater Israel. This is an old Zionist plan, (Google it “Greater Israel”), ongoing since Israel’s creation on Palestinian land, which was kicked up a notch when the US invaded Iraq. If you’re still wondering why we went to war with Iraq, this is why: as part of a plan to secure a safer and stronger position for Israel in the Middle-East. Iraq, Iran and Syria stand in the way of that. Iraq is now a weak vacuum, which was one down. That leaves Iran and Syria. The Zionists believe both would be easy to destabilize without Russian support. Now that Russia has sided with Syria, the Zionist goal is that much harder to reach. Syria was destabilized thanks to US/Israeli covert means...they never thought Russia would come physically assist and support Assad with troupes. The false flag incident , which was the alleged use by Assad’s regime of chemical weapons against his people (something that’s been debunked by UN inspectors on site since…again: do the research), was supposed to fire up the West and lead to an overt intervention against his regime by the US and NATO. But Obama’s pro-Muslim mindset and inability to make decisions actually served a righteous purpose this time. There was also an attempt to create fear about Iran and her nuclear program a couple of years ago to justify an intervention against her. I remember Netanyahu and his bullshit graphs and projections which echoed those of Colin Powell regarding Iraq in that very same UN arena a decade ago. That didn’t take. People are weary about war in the Middle East. But they’re trying, the Zionists are nothing but tenacious.
The US government is already leading 2 wars by proxy against Russia; one in Syria, the other in the way: another country destabilized by US/EU/NATO covert means so as to bring it into the sphere of the globalists. (Research Donbass and all related materials).
These are just a few reasons why the US and NATO will go to war with Russia. There are more I’m sure. But in essence, Russia is really getting in the way of the globalists and their plans… The last time that happened it was National Socialist Germany that stood in the way of the internationalists; and for very similar reasons, the least of which was not Germany’s autonomous and very successful economic recovery between ‘33 and ’35, the Reichsmark having been uncoupled from gold and consequently had rendered the German economy independent and beyond the reach of the internationalist bankers and financiers (also go research all of that yourselves). Remember what happened to her.
If anything, it illustrates that these oligarchs and internationalists will go to any length to achieve their means. You and I mean nothing to them; just little pawns on a giant chess board. World war, millions of dead…they don’t care. On the contrary, some advocate a smaller human population that would be more homogenous and controllable; with the added benefit that it reduces the strain on the environment along with all other complications caused by large populations…. Go research that as well.
In the end war is coming because they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again…In fact they are just about to; and you are being groomed to believe it will be a righteous war, undoubtedly in the name of freedom and democracy. Think about it before you start waving that flag.

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