Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ramble 8/25

As far as white people that are less trendy go, I think many of them are implicitly "white supremacists" in the sense that they think white people will be fine. They realize what's happening on some level but they're rugged individualists can take care of themselves. Buy a gun, etc. Their usual reaction. 
They may also try to put a happy face on their ethnic replacement and insist that everything is fine. Perhaps some globalist (((economist))) has told them that GDP and life expectancy is up somewhere else in the world, even though all their jobs have been outsourced. So their marriage has failed, their son just committed suicide after being sent to a (((war))) he never should have been in or their kids just overdosed on cheap heroin brought into the country by immigrants due to globalism.

In reality, European Americans are not fine and they're not individuals. (Thus the current rage of Trumpism, despite the fact that he's totally a product of Jewish/NYC culture just like Hillary.)
 In reality, you're not just an individual in all aspects of life, let alone when a criminal ethnic gang or mafia is headed your way. None of this is going to be fine (Put on your implicitly white hipster happy face, etc.) as the process of anti-white diversification based on mass immigration and progressively vicious "anti-Nazi" (e.g., inglorious basterds, etc.) propaganda being broadcast from Hollywood continues.

First they came for the Germans. And despite everything Jesus said, you helped them. The supposed pacifists* (From the white hipsters to the evangelicals, WHITE seems to be the more important category) were incited to kill and murder Germans by and for Jews. 
So now the international victors of WWII that defeated European nationalism (and the Japanese too) are coming for your descendants.  Indeed, many are generally already degenerate servants to the Jewish/"oppressed minority" ethnic oligarchy represented by people like Miley Ray Cyrus or Madonna.   They frame their internal dispute with equally Jewish Trumpism as a supposed concern with pussies getting grabbed.  That's about as idiotic as it gets.  I see that (((Howard Stern))) has jumped on the bandwagon.  

But that's the thing, none of these (((people))) are interested in the truth.
*White hipster and Boomer anti-war pacifists... yeah, right!  Lol.  I've never seen anyone as pro-war as Hillary Clinton, the representative of degenerate Boomers.  

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