Monday, October 10, 2016

I can't even.

I’m having so much trouble processing last night.

 "I can't even, it's 2016."  Etc.

This is the attitude of Puritanical white women, whether Judeo-Christian or Judeo-feminist cat ladies and lesbians.  They're all generally part of the same ethnic group: "white people."

Fascists need to be looking to what happens after Trump if the Jews succeed in protecting themselves from Trump the "dictator"/"Hitler" (with Jewish kids.) 

People will look back and say that fascism was his fault but it's not his fault.

It's generally Jews and women (a coalition of progressively oppressive majorities) serving as their "anti-Nazi" minions trying to prevent white men from fighting for their kin groups that are at fault.  They will call this blaming the victim, endlessly.  But they and the bankers that Hillary serves are oppressive.  They are the oppressors, as they cry about "minorities" being oppressed.  Oppressed by who?  White men.  That's their target. 

Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and this local witless wonder that's triggered by Trump are all the same.  They're all targeting white men.  "Feminism"?   Please.  Feminism is just a pretext to be anti-white, against white men.   So they will let the country be invaded by patriarchal Muslims, 50 Shades of Muslim to do the jobs that white men are not doing for women like this.  Under the tutelage of Jewish influence they have been doing this for years, as white men get progressively angry year after year after with all the "progress" that's being made against their identity/"Nazis"/"racists".  (Transgenderism, is that peak Jew yet?  Pursuing imaginary bathroom Nazis in order to save a Transgender Tribe created in the "oppressed" image of the Jew, is that peak Jew?  They are the oppressors.  They are the multimillionaires. They are the 1%.) 

Trump merely represents the "white man" ethnic target that they've been prepped and groomed all their miserable and useless lives to attack, yet they avoid mentioning the racial colonization currently supported by people like Jack Markell, Joe Biden and the "progressives."

 They're merely destroying all of Europe and diversifying European Americans out of existence with their endless attacks on "racism"/white people.   

First they came for the Germans.  They are the oppressors.  They have the power for now.  "Nazis" are just a Jewish cartoon... until they become real.    

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