Friday, October 21, 2016

Freedumb in the elections....

...things are turning on their heads. People in America in the last four decades have never really paid much attention to our political system,  usually the candidates running have few or no discernible differences and might as well be in the same party. Because the sources of power in American politics are private billionaires and Jewish plutocratic donors, it has always been plausible to say America has free elections; “Nobody is legally stopping you from running,” is a favorite disingenuous phrase of the cuckservatives.

This time around, there is somebody to vote for that, like Yanukovych, Jews don’t trust or like. In chocolate cities across the country, from Philadelphia to Cleveland, committing voter fraud will be laughably easy, and all it would take is for one of the many NGOs aligned with Hillary Clinton to set it up as is hinted at in the last few Project Veritas sting videos: register every black either through NAACP campaigns or Soros run groups, then on election day get a group of blacks to go vote in different precincts in their name. Is Shaniqua with the big fake nails serving as a “federal observer” going to ask you to do anything but sign?

The polls this election have a remarkable spread. In the same time period, respected trackers such as La Times/USC, Rasmussen and IBD/TIPP have Trump either tied or in the lead, while CBS News, Bloomberg and NBC News/SM have Clinton up by double digitsfar beyond the margin of error. Either somebody is bullshitting somebody, or one group of these radically different polls taken in the same rough time period has a radically flawed or obsolete methodology. There’s also a third possibility, one promoted by Alex Jones and Roger Stone (who are admittedly not generally trustworthy, but could be right here), that certain media entities are purposely rigging opinion polls in tandem with the phony scandals they keep churning out in order to provide cover for an election steal. It sure doesn’t help that the two most high profile people “interpreting the polls,” the Jews Nate Cohn and Nate Silver, are obvious anti-Trump partisans.

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