Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yeah... I don't think I'm going to post this where I wrote it. They're pretty much brain dead on the topic of Judeo/"neoconservatism" anyway.

Bill Kristol made the case for aggressively defending the heroes who kept us safe with aggressive interrogation tactics.

If they were actually doing that instead of careerists jamming tubes up people's butts in order to play pretend about the terrible job they did protecting the American people from foreign governments on 911.... then he might have a case.    But since he doesn't have a case, note that in the process of torturing false confessions out of the CIA's own privateers and criminals that they often work with otherwise (for our sake, etc.), they wind up covering for Bill Kristol and the dancing Israelis that Michael "Talmudic scholar" Chertoff apparently let go. 

They never had some clueless careerist over at the CIA put a tube up their butt, etc.     

It is worth hearing out. It is not only the right thing to do, but smart politics.

I'll hear him out.    But know who you're listening to and what their interests are:
(PNAC). William Kristol, son of Irving, also founded in 1995 a new magazine, The Weekly Standard, which immediately became the dominant voice of the neoconservatives thanks to funding from the pro-Israeli Rupert Murdoch. In 1997, it would be the first publication to call for a new war against Saddam Hussein. It is also during the Clinton years that the FBI investigated an Israeli mole in the White House, who was enjoying privileged access to the National Security Council. According to British investigator Gordon Thomas (Gideon’s Spies, 1999) , the FBI investigation was called off when “Israel blackmailed President Clinton with phone -tapes of his steamy sex talks with Monica Lewinsky.”* [351] Others see a broader scheme. Noting that White House aide Lewinsky was the daughter of Zionist East European immigrants, and that she had kept her incriminating blue dress unwashed for two years as evidence of having had sex with the President, the Syrian newspaper Tishrin Al-Usbu'a concluded, in its August 24 , 1998 issue: “Her goal was to embarrass President Clinton, to blackmail him and weaken his status before Netanyahu’s government.” But, of course, such reasoning is attacked by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic. [352] After eight years of Clinton, the neocons finally had their revenge by having a second George Bush, son of the first, cornered into a second Iraq war in 2003. In 2008 their hold on him was such that they could convince him of launching a new ”Surge” of 20,000 men despite strong public opposition, but with the support of their pro-Surge group Freedom’s Watch, whose membership was, as the Jewish Telegraph Agency remarked, “almost all Jewish.” [353] Thomas Neumann, Executive Director of the JINSA, could then describe Bush junior’s administration as “the best administration for Israel since Harry Truman.” [354]
  (Guy√©not, Laurent (2013-12-22). JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State. Progressive Press.)

Smart politics?  Perhaps, as dumb as split "Right vs. Left" or "East vs. West"  goyim/tribes usually are...  that might actually be true.  And you have to play to the right, no matter the truth.. right? Although it may be that you're underestimating how quickly peasants are catching on to what has been happening around them these days.  There's a few there, that I just linked to.  Many may not even know all that much, yet apparently they know enough about Bill Kristol. 

How many times was the Jewish Right planning on using the same "WMD" methods to create pretexts for war?  Syria too?  Seriously?  Even peasants not paying attention asked me, "Are they lying  AGAIN???  I don't know, it's just gotten to the point where I don't believe anything anymore... Republicans or Democrats.

(Bill Kristol: Bomb Syria So We Can Bomb Iran So ... - Wonkette)
(Bill Kristol, Leon Wieseltier urge Syria action - POLITICO)
(Kristol Urges GOP To Authorize War With Iran After Syria)
('Red Line' On Syria, Bill Kristol Calls Pres ... - Mediaite)

But perhaps things are gradually changing... some peasants took the time to give Bill Kristol trouble about the truth at his speeches and I'm here giving you trouble too.  They also had some trouble trying to search Assad's underpants for WMDs in Syria in order to attack Syria with a coalition of willing criminals/Saudi/Turkish/Qatari scumbags in the region recently.  Although they're kind of going through with Syria anyway, bombs away! Etc. 

They finally have to use their own bombs and planes to do it, though.  What progress this is.  What hopium from the Labor Zionists of Obama Inc.... for a change from putting Israeli interests first!  Charles Krauthammer must be really frustrated that Obama Inc. (despite being supported by the Jewish Left and surrounded by Zionists) still refused to trip over his own red line and supposedly condemns "enhanced interrogation."  

Apparently he wandered around in the garden thinking about his red line on Syria.   Or something like that.  It's either that or he started wondering about what factions in the American military would do based on yet more BS.  I remember one forum where a fellow said, "You go through with this and you'll see how antisemitic I can get."    

Avoiding the "entanglement" in Syria must be some real progress that "we" have been making among the brain dead goyim.  But quick, check your own underpants for WMDs!!!  Find anything? Isn't the war on terror in there!  But never, ever, check on some of your "allies in the region" to see if they have WMDs in their underpants.

Seriously, guys.  You have to look at Bill Kristol with your eyes open.  They have to have Team America police the world and cannot be "isolationists."  At least you can all get along and stop calling each other terrorists when it comes to Zionism, I guess...  given your beliefs. 

Too bad they didn't establish Zion in Texas.  Then you could all get along and be non-interventionists avoiding foreign entanglements too:
A project that had some concrete success was the Galveston scheme which contemplated the settlement of Jews in the American Southwest, in particular in Texas. The project received the assistance of Jacob Schiff, the American Jewish banker, and some 9,300 Jews arrived in that area between 1907-1914, through the Emigration Bureau of the Territorialist organization.
   With the publication of the Balfour Declaration, the ITO faced a severe crisis....  (Zionist Congress:
The Uganda Proposal
(August 26, 1903))
  And there might even be a great big wall on the border and less support from the so-called "Jewish Left" for illegal immigration among the goyim too.     

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