Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Oops... the usual.

The biggest problem is that whatever education reform one might propose is entrusted into the hands of people who are fundamentally incapable of doing anything but pursuing their vain dreams of a “Brave New World” (hopium and change) that has nothing to do with the real world.

Perhaps the marriage of men and women that gives birth to civilization is generally all that one needs to look at. 

All your statements amount to, is that education has generally been entrusted to Obama's "sex in the city" voting demographic that is with progressively little subtlety based on female supremacy.  I'm not into identity politics and the tribalism promoted by Jewish feminists* with their latest (false) rape allegations or other perversions based on identity/Talmudic politics. 

*Lena Dunham and the Jewish feminists at work:  (Breitbart: Publisher backs bus over Lena Dunham, 'regrets any confusion' over rape allegation)
(Law Enforcement: Unless Lena Dunham Cooperates We ...)
(Lena Dunham: 'Barry One' starts legal fund to fight actress)

(Rolling Stone Regrets Blaming Alleged Victim for Messy UVA Rape Story)
(After apology, Rolling Stone changes its story once more ...)

No word yet on when they're going to invent or do anything useful in reality.

However, there is something to their usual "stuff."  Because it has an impact on politics and many peasants.  I.e. apparently "Binders full of women..." and all sorts of other useless "identity politics" type topics in the corporate media owned by Jews** (and created by the liberal, crackhead, drunk teleprompter readers that they employ.) can impact the little pea brains of peasants and they'll actually vote or become involved in politics based on those "war on women" forms of entertainment, etc.

They start thinking that their forms of entertainment are real.  Because they're clueless.  Freedumb.   

**Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

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