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it may be instructive to consider how the British Empire managed to control vast countries with a small minority of British occupiers:
By inciting one faction, group, tribe, whatever against another.

Perhaps the British wing of the Sionist “cabals” learned from some of the best, as far as being a small minority playing with identity politics for others in order to divide and conquer. It’s all for self-preservation and the preservation of the tribe above all, supposedly.
Personally, I think some of this stuff is out of control again.

It tends to get out of hand at times, including the “hidden hand” of people that consider themselves masters of a dialectical process. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos and ethnic strife, all of that.
I do not know why people like trying to manipulate other people so much. It’s almost humorous and almost entertaining sometimes. Sort of like someone like Kavips voting to have the Triangle Club of the latest pyramid scheme triangulate his position and assassinate him without trial before he walks out the door to terrorize the golf courses of the “1%” and the “rich white people.”
Another example, this dumb white guy:
The victim, identified as Chris Schaefer, a University of Missouri-St. Louis student, was chased from the church, at 9950 Glen Owen Drive, and beaten outside. He was treated for his injuries at a hospital. He details his story on a website where he asks for donations to cover the cost of his medical care. Man beaten at Ferguson protest strategy meeting
For whites that fancy themselves as members of an intelligent race or group of tribes or whatever, explain that crap. Shrug. I write satire all the time. But these are the type of dumb liberal white people that are probably almost literally going to wind up voting to assassinate themselves without trial.
They’re a danger to my family, as well as Bosnians and so forth. “We” tend to let this go on as white Europeans and Masons, until those days when we do not. If we go tribal and begin collecting red skins, it’s all over. Look at all that again too. The reason for the French/Indian war and the savagery of the colonists as well as the Indians was little different than what’s going on in Syria now. Empires. There’s a meta reality as well as the facts on the ground among the peasants.

I’m all for self-reflection about the nature of civilization and empire building and all the “blood and treasure” that goes into it all when white, black, orange and ugly people “go tribal.”
I’m not for letting your family get killed or beaten over so-called “social justice” and plantation politics among the peasants. Social justice is a Rorschach test in which any group can see whatever they like.
Back in reality, facts are facts… and justice is justice.
And all those facts and statistics in this case, for whatever reason you want to say they are emerging? They all have names and faces. Rape victims. “Robbery.” “Assault.” It all sounds so abstract until you see it for yourself.

There is no Goyim Anti-Defamation League for Bosnian immigrants when the Jewish media in America and the likes of Jon Stewart play pretend that “white people” are all a bunch of racists killing black people in the streets. There is only them, the Bosnians, rallying in the street. There is no National Association for the Protection of White People, as if they are a unified tribe.
As for me, the minority/marginal politics of the Frankfurt School and other Jews is all played out. It’s done. It has no hold on me. But it does seem to have a hold on many of you because you will not name the names or identify the Jews involved in it.

I leave political correctness to you, progressives and conservatives… Democrats and Republicans.
Slightly off topic… is Kavips about to head to terrorize the golf courses that Boehner and the golfer in chief golf on? There again, does John Boehner qualify as a “rich white person” that should be terrorized by the resident of Fergadishu… if he’s orange? Does Pelosi qualify as a person if she’s 1% plastic? It all matters little to me these days. I don’t golf, etc. I don’t identify with your tribes, fake or not and so forth. But try that with me and some of my white associates, Kavips. That would be amusing. Who is Kavips? I would write a satire in which these brain dead liberals didn’t even get out the door without getting beat up by their own associates but I’d probably be too late, as usual.
More entertainment! Just kidding. I still feel bad for them. Look at these liberal lemmings talking about going tribal or trying to terrorize “rich white people” based on “social justice” and not studying the facts and the justice that they’re supposedly so concerned about… seriously. Get down to it, I think abject stupidity is a factor. Most no longer seem to have the intellectual capacity to begin to understand anything based on facts, logic and evidence. You think you’re going to do something, without intelligence? You think you’re going to use violence effectively, when you’ve never even handled a gun or other weapons? You’re going to get off the couch and form a well regulated militia? Seriously? Or who are you going to call to arrest “the 1%,” that sheriff that you hate that’s supposed to be elected and closer to the people and not just the 1%?

(JP Morgan Chase Donates $4.6 Million To NYPD On Eve Of Protests) Etc.etc… Hmmm? Lol.
Peasants. Kavips.

Oh well… at least one can always see the humor in almost everything. It’s pretty entertaining, actually.

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