Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ramble 12/3

But being courageous is more than can be said....

Should probably be, being framed as a courageous war hero  instead of a black criminal incorporated in Corrections Corporation of America... etc.

RIP Pat Tillman 

Too bad, he should have questioned 911 and the so-called "war on terror" in general before getting out of fake forms of tribal/team/"band of brothers" type stuff and heading for the real deal.

  But few of us did.  And even many that do become "truthers" keep it kosher by talking about "oil" and failing to deal with the actual lobbies, the actual people responsible for marketing the pretexts for war, the actual people lying... or the alignment and incorporation of the special interests of the oligarchs of War Inc. with Zionism. 

So it's perfectly possible that the same sort of things will happen again.  It almost happened with Syria recently but "we" stopped it, to the extent that we could.  Although I think an aspect of that was even the most dimwitted peasants in America getting tired of the "WMD" lies. 

Syria is quite a mess now, huh?  It's too bad.  Apparently they will not stop even after we try to stop them.   If they can't bomb directly then they'll just sit back and let gangs that they had a hand in arming run wild, as usual.  The framework there may be Islamic (and the "religion of peace" is a remarkably sharp and divisive tool for empire builders to use) but to some extent the culture doesn't really matter.  There's always some preexisting form of division that can be used to divide and conquer.  Always has been. 

Or in modern terms governments are "destabilized" and then Team America comes in to save everyone from the gangs while bringing freedumb, dumbocracy and free rainbows for all...  i.e. usually just a proxy government for banksters.  Apparently in Libya they forgot to actually establish a strong,  proxy government. 

I often wonder if rule by banksters is better anyway.

It's sort of like the Operation Northwoods stuff.  Yes, it would have been bad for American peasants/pawns to have air planes flown into buildings as a pretext for war and taking over Cuba.  However, by now that would be in the past and great heroes of the day could be celebrated.  Not to mention that McCuba with a Disney World Inc. and a great tourism industry would probably have been established. 

I mean, what are the Cubans left with now?  Abject poverty, etc.

I'm just wondering about empire building and so forth.  I still think it's a bad idea to fly planes into buildings in America as a pretext to go to war and empire build.  But I can see why some might want to establish a New American Century to protect Israel, with McDonalds and Disney for all. 

 I like aspects of American culture well enough and wouldn't mind "globalization" taking hold (don't really like McDonald's, though.)   Shrug.  I guess it's a good thing from your perspective that no one would ever be looney tunes enough to actually go through with flying planes into buildings in America as a pretext for war or worse, a global "war on terror."  Why use it as a pretext to go to war with specific nations?   Why not police the entire world?    Meh.  The "war on terror"... it's like empire builders can now pick any nation to attack or have their usual privateers (aka, "terrorist leaders") show up somewhere and then have to "save" people from themselves. 

To be fair to the intelligence agencies that try to make use of terrorism, peasants often divide into groups that hate each other and terrorize each other on their own anyway.  They don't need extra gas on their fires brought in by foreigners or "special interests" interested in overthrowing certain governments, etc. 

Look at America, some regions are already burning and have already been burnt in the past with zero evidence that any foreign government began arming the usual "gangs."

That's one thing about well regulated militias (don't exist anymore, seems like) and the Second Amendment.  You can't really arm certain factions if everyone and their mother already has guns.  There is the whole problem of crazy people shooting each other.  But that's not as bad as what goes on in some places when people are defenseless. 

I guess the "no blood for OIL" reply of liberal dupes might be: "But this isn't Iraq!"  Are you sure about that?  In some regions, I hadn't really noticed much of a difference.  (Check your normalcy bias...  because it's all just a bunch of statistics until you're the victim of a crime.  It's all always going to be perfectly normal and just another statistic in your world of free rainbows and little birdies, until the day it is not.)                

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