Thursday, December 11, 2014

Small ramble.... I find myself trying to include too much information all the time. No time for this right now anyway.

Trying to make this shorter... is David Anderson going to burn my place of business down or am I going to be easily led to do anything to him based on race no matter what "the media"/Jews Inc. or Jon Stewart/Bill Maher say?   Are we going to wander around like idiots with our hands up, playing pretend that we're just going to be randomly gunned down by each other or the police?

No.  There has to be some form of stupidity, tribalism and hatred for Al Sharpton and the corporate media to work with in order to get David Anderson to stop writing about the bureaucratic regime and the corporate state or for me to stop writing about banksters in order to "go tribal" against each other.

That's how absurd this stuff is.  (But unfortunately you have total looney tunes like Kavips out there that think it's all about "rich white people" and not the banking, the usury and the global ponzi scheme that applies to everyone in a rapidly emerging system of Feudalism Inc., equally.)  

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