Thursday, December 04, 2014

Rambling, rambling... I write too fast. I should go back and blog systematically but I don't feel like it.

...having no Republicans sure would have made sure a grand jury would do what was best for the people, try him, and not deviate to force what would create another joyful situation where the KKK’s bigots in riot gear could bust open some more colored heads and grind their brains into Ferguson’s sidewalks…  That is all this trial was about.  How to create this opportunity to kill even more black Missourians!
    It is their fault… Make THEM pay!
  This ranks right up there with "line up all the Republicans and shoot them" over at Delaware Liberal during a different crisis that didn't go to waste. 

I don't even have much use for Republicans and that side of the oligarchy or the militarized, national security state that protects the interests of global bankers.  But John McCain already knows how terrorism and "extremist groups" work, so if he's one of the "Republicans" you're talking about trying to "make pay" based on this Fergadishu stuff then you'll have another thing coming.  You think they don't know how to deal with some peasants or you?  There are also plenty of Democrats that would help have you assassinated without trial, etc. 

They all recently applauded when an unarmed black woman was shot dead in DC with her baby in the back seat.

A woman with a 1-year-old girl in her car was fatally shot by police near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, after a chase through the heart of Washington....
D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said that the driver tried to breach two Washington landmarks and that the incident was not an accident. But officials also said it did not appear to be part of any larger or organized terrorist plot.
 Washington Post
  No questions asked, standing ovation:  The Capitol Hill Police
  And you think you're going to do or instigate, what?  You're going to go mess up the golf course of the golfer in chief?  Seriously?       

You're so clueless, it's not even  funny.   And I usually see the humor in pretty much everything.  Ok, it's still funny.  I can't help but laugh.  It's what I do.   

But David Anderson is right, you and your agit prop is partially to blame for creating the "climate of hate" and the cultural context within which Michael Brown made his decisions as an individual.  I go Big Picture all the time and start writing about the Fed and economic disparity, MTV with Rothstein/Redstone and on and on.  But even given all that context and "the system" that individuals create, individual peasants are often still making their own decisions too.

"I never had a chance.  It's the white man and the system keeping me down so I'm going to punch a police officer in the face."

"I have to be tribal.  It's the entire world victimizing us, those goyim.  So I'm going to defame and degrade all their cultures."

"I never had a chance.  It's the Jews keeping the white man down, so I'm going to shoot at some Jews at the local community center."  

"I have to play along with the Republican team, otherwise my political career will be over.  So I'm going to vote for this war." 

"I would joke about the racism of Jews in Israel instead of always joking about America but there would be hell to pay from my tribe if I did that.  So I'm going to keep quiet and keep joking about American racism... like a good little funny man."  --Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, etc.

Etc.etc.  All of the excuses in the world may be true to one degree or another but time and again individuals have shown that it's possible to make right or righteous decisions no matter their context, culture, the system or exploitation and victimization.

It's just that few do.  

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