Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just rambling, fun times.... I could put links to evidence in all this but I'm probably not going to.

I can name the names and go into the details about why Jewish culture and therefore the careerist teleprompter readers in your corporate media are the way they are in general but the facts are irrelevant for most peasants at this point.   

Apparently it's not enough that American goyim supply both Labor Zionists and the Likud right wing nuts with guns and bombs or almost go to war with Syria/Iran based on lies yet again and so forth....  Chuck "strangle the Palestinians" Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Bloomberg and many others STILL want to disarm those that they perceive as a tribal threat. 

Jewish feminists still want to play at tribal politics and accuse those that they perceive as "white men" of rape too.  Lena Dunham.  Sabrina Rubin Erdely and whatever other Jewish "feminist"/tribalist is next, it's the same old stuff.  That's "the media" for many.  Perhaps they'll go join Femen in Russia next, to save Russians from Putin or yet "another Hitler"?  One thing they probably will not do, go to Israel and lie about the rape of Palestinians or work to subvert their own tribal culture in order to save it.  (Although, arguably... that is what they should do, like Gilad Atzmon. In a way he is sometimes subverting their own culture of subversion.)       

When you've invented a male and female tribe ("feminism") to set against each other or to lead a sort of messianic mess of divided and conquered movements from the bowels of the body politic then you've probably gone too far.  You're going to wind up aborting yourselves in order to supposedly save the tribe, etc. 

But in the meantime, perhaps they could get together with Jack Markell in order to save his Transgendered Bathroom Tribe from WASP bathroom Nazis?  Even if there are no actual Nazis there, they'll still chase the ghosts through the bathroom.  Although, eventually, it may become a self fulfilling prophecy as new tribes form.  What is holding this Brave New Show of almost total entertainment together now?  Truth?  Investigative journalism?  A Constitution?  Not really. 

In any case, does it ever occur to anyone mesmerized by the BS of "the media" (Lena Dunham,  Sabrina Rubin Erdely, etc.) that they're not doing anything useful to build up civilization and promote the general welfare?  Or that there may be no bathrooms to save Jack Markell's Transgendered Tribe from if he continues governing Delaware as he is while trying to save his Transgendered Identity from "climate change" and what not? 

He's going to part the waters in the toilet in order to flush his messianic mess down in the sewer where it belongs, no doubt.

Meanwhile.  More retail space closing.  Empty stores. More helpful Lowe's employees with gray hair.  More manufacturing shut down.  No jobs, more ponzi schemes.  And perhaps eventually less bathrooms for everyone in Delaware Inc. even if it is a sort of pseudo-capital for a global hegemonic system of ponzi that can only last by incorporating more people in it, just like all ponzi.  No functional bathrooms at all, like Detroit... and the huge problem with bathroom Nazis solved by Jack Markell!  (????)  

Perhaps only then will there finally be no "minority"/marginal/tribal political games for Jews to play.  Because then there is no bathroom left built by whites that have left in yet another instance of the "white flight" that typifies the "silent majority" that is no longer a majority capable of holding civilized life together in many regions anyway.  What happens when a conglomeration of supposed "minorities" are the majority and it turns out that their communities remain the same or begin fighting with and brutalizing each other, white oppression or not?  Answer, all minorities are still going to claim oppression and then begin moving or immigrating wherever presumably oppressive "white people" have begun building civilization and empire building again.  (Not that white people are guiltless in all this, especially once they really get things going with empire building and what not.  I'm not saying that anyone is innocent, pure and white as the driven snow.  I'm a realist.  Everyone is guilty.) 

White flight and an absence of free rainbows in the cities that the diverse groups and tribes of white immigrants leave is the rapidly emerging result of the pattern of the marginal, minority politics practiced by the Labor Zionist wing of the establishment.  You generally can't run a city or a state based on minority, marginal politics and socialism.  Apparently you can only manage its decline into tribalism and redistribute resources until all the people creating wealth leave. Or you could false flag everyone and create a war to supposedly "stimulate" their economy based on scaring them half to death with terrism, although that is an illusion where peasants are put to work killing each other and destroying civilization instead of creating actual wealth and stable communities.      

Anyway, are any of you masochistic white Puritans of Zion (And secular versions of the same culture, whether Left or Right wings of it.) willing to defame and degrade yourselves as yet more so-called "white trash"?  Moseley basically did that while trying to say that Sarah "degrade the goyim" Silverman isn't Jewish, so how many more of you are there?   

Meanwhile Bosnians, Italians and Russian immigrants are being killed or raped in the background because it's generally turning into a bonfire of identity/minority politics in some regions.  Who do you think people are?  Is this creating a situation in which all black people will eventually have to pay Bosnians or be obligated to build up businesses for them to loot in their communities?  

I guess this all goes back to pea brained peasants.  So you are a white "bitter clinger" (That loved Reagan and his supposed "dog whistle"... etc.etc.)  and so a racist, yet there is widespread silence about the Zionists with their DNA tests and their guns, ethnic colonies and bulldozers too.  (I'd imagine it's a real big debate between the "racist" Likud wing nuts and the Labor Zionists.  "Should we have DNA tests or not?  Well, I vote no on the call of another law maker to genocide the Palestinians!  And I'm against the call to collect their foreskins, like Red Skins.  So that makes me.... a Labor Zionist of the Jewish Left!  I fart free rainbows.  More incoming!!!"  Etc.  

But back in reality, what if white separatists wanted to form a Northwest Front and attended "a white separatist youth camp" growing up while condemning interracial marriage and so on?  Could they be elected as the supposedly "liberal" governor of the state of Delaware like Jack Markell?  Could they be celebrated by Delaware Lemming... I mean Delaware Liberal?    What if they called the Northwest Front their ethnic or racial promised land of Zion based on separatism and nationalism, would using the word "Zion" make it all better for the Left, Right and Center?  

 If American progressives (Delaware Liberal) and conservatives (Delaware Politics) are sane then I am content to be crazy. 

More content by the day...  I'm real crazy.   Fun times.     

So how about a Black nationalist or a Black separatist for governor?  Perhaps that fellow Jahi "see no black mob violence, hear no evil" Issa?   Elect him. It might be better then letting the black community degenerate into gangsterism, give it an outlet in nationalism.  Form well regulated black militias... etc.  Stop with the entertainment?  You will not, of course. 


Yet apparently it's possible that there would be no controversy or outcry about having someone that "attended a black separatist camp" run for governor, nor would you conservatives say anything about it.  No doubt?  Perhaps even:  "I attended a Nation of Islam youth camp, it's a sect that believes we should take over a portion of Delaware as reparations for our holocaust.  Vote for me!  Wait, that doesn't work for me?  Why not?"

Shrug. Again, you think I'm crazy and yet you're all loony tunes because you're not going with universalism or facts, logic and evidence.  If it's wrong for one tribe to "go tribal" or become separatists, then it's wrong for everyone.     At least understand a little about Zionism and Jewish culture or you'll understand little about your own cultures, politics and the latest controversial stories in "the media" in general. 

Just last night my wife said, "Why don't we watch Bill [the fighting Irish] O'Reilly."  Ugh.  Ok.  Turn it on in the middle of his reality show and what's the story, some guy named Peter Sagal over at NPR is degrading and defaming Jesus.  Two seconds on Google:
Sagal was born in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey to Jewish parents.
In April 2007, his play Denial received its New York premiere at the Metropolitan Playhouse on the Lower East Side.[4] The play, which portrays a Jewish lawyer who represents a Holocaust denier, has also been recorded by the L.A. Theatre Works company.  --Wikipedia
So he's probably from a culture of Talmudism or secular versions of it where they buy toilet paper on Christmas (keeping Shabat) and say that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell.  Whatever the reason, he's degrading and defaming Jesus just like Sarah Silverman and "the media" in general.  That shouldn't be surprising to anyone that has observed Jewish culture.  Degradation and defamation of the goyim are not without precedent, etc. 

But put a Star of David in piss, call it "Piss on Jews" art and see what type of debate emerges on the Left and the Right about public financing of the arts and so on.  Navel gazing.  A national conversation about the arts and the nature of art?    Just kidding.  The supposedly controversial "artist" would probably be defamed, degraded and gone instead of lifted up as a visionary or whatever by the NYT... and that would be that. 

Artistic license?  Freedom of speech?  Uh huh. Try it and see.

In other "news"... Lena Dunham has made false rape charges and another Jew has apparently created false rape charges reported on by the clueless trendies of the Rolling Stone.  It's more "news" and another sensational story, no doubt.           

Since my race under an endless attack by the left...

It's not your race, many hate your culture too just like the Jewish Bolsheviks hated the Russians with a Talmudic, tribal vengeance.  At least there they had an excuse due to the pogroms and the antisemitism that is often caused whenever the dumb goyim peasants read the Talmud or become aware of many Jewish traditions.   Why the continued abject hatred for America's WASP culture that's actually pretty thoroughly Zionist itself, though?  I don't know.  Probably pulling Jews out of camps one too many times?  

Perhaps it's hard to overcome centuries of hatred for the goyim, thus the work of Sarah Silverman and many others in degrading and defaming your culture.    You can keep on using euphemisms for the ethnic hatred motivating the degradation and defamation of white goyim by the Jewish Left on their own account.  Of course, I no longer care about what goyim call "political correctness" being used to police and cultivate their cultures and so on. 

It's humorous, if pathetic.  For example, Kavips would probably wind up voting to assassinate himself without trial like a sixteen year old Arab kid when trying to form his plans to terrorize golf courses of the "rich white people"/WASPs that he's been trained and conditioned like a lemming to hate above all other lemmings.  Apparently he perceives "white people" and salivates on cue regardless of reality, at this pathetic point for progressives and the American Left. And that is in the context of WASPs not even necessarily controlling all that much* anymore.  There's Walmart and the targeting of that family by the Jews of the alternative media as well as others.  There's the Koch brothers.  There's all the people that the Jewish Left and Soros tend to make targets out of while turning a blind eye to Jewish oligarchs.  But there's often no real meat and potatoes (Goldman Sachs, the Fed, the huge issue  international banksterism, usury, etc.) or a chicken in every pot for progressives these days. 

Progressives.  They're usually too dumb.  Too brain dead.  But there again, so are conservatives. 

*E.g, NYC.  Empirical facts about goyim/tribes and the "wretched refuse" of white Europeans that washed ashore like "white trash" in America according to Zionists:
–White suspects account for only 3.9% of all Robbery suspects while Asian/Pacific Islanders accounted for 1.4% of known Robbery suspects.
   –When all the figures for these main serious criminal activities (violent crime, murder, robbery and criminal shooting of firearms) are combined, it transpires that 66.5% of all violent criminals in the city are black, 27.6% are Hispanic, and only 4% are white and 1.9% are Asian.
    –It shows that significant numbers of innocent White citizens are victimized by Black criminals and that Blacks are hardly ever victims of White murder, assault and rape.  (Google:  The Truly Horrific, Racist Mass Murder in America! — No It’s Not Against Blacks! )
Those Bosnians that were murdered and terrorized by some black goyim being agitated by what you call "the mainstream media"/Zionists?    They said:  "This isn't what I thought America was." 

Seriously.  Are we all Syrians now, trying to hold our nations together while Zionists try to pull them apart to create more false profits for themselves?  No one says a word about what Zionists are doing, progressive or conservative...  except me, the supposedly crazy guy and a few white separatists. 

It's pathetic.  How obvious does it have to get?  They're leveling cities in the background based on tribal and racial politics, while establishing ethnic colonies.  Yet if a black stubs their toe while committing a crime against the diverse groups of people living in America then it's time to navel gaze and chase around white ethnic ghosts.     

Are Bill "political incorrect, lol!" Maher, Jon Stewart and now Lee Camp (Not that you've got that far.) in the alternative media really funny? Is it all a grand joke?    Is the entertainment that they're producing and their Brave New Show worth the destruction of your communities... or your lives?

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