Thursday, December 04, 2014

Meh, lemmings talking about violence again....

Here's Kavips:
As parents we tell our little children they should never use violence to find their solution. Always seek another way we tell them… Violence is bad, disruptive, and creates additional problems.
   However, if we do, and we channel those children into non violent opposition which is completely ineffective, and they get slaughtered, imprisoned, or enslaved; did we correctly fulfill our parental duty in preserving our genetic line?
   I’m beginning to think our civilized pacifism has completely failed our youth.
   We should be teaching them that across history (American history that is), that “might” makes “right”. Teach them that if you are “agreeable”, conducive to find compromising solutions, then you only get what the mighty want to give you, not what they have to give you.
  Just ask native Americans. Or former slaves. Or people in poor neighborhoods.  Do you have the same rights as a rich white person? No?
   The reason rich whites have so many protected rights is because they took them.  They took what they wanted from native Americans.*  They took what they wanted from Africa’s tribesmen.  They took what they wanted from East Side and South Bridge of Wilmington…  And they gave it all to folks living on Westover Drive… between the Ed Oliver golf course and Barley Mills.
  Change "rich whites" to "rich Jews" and look what happens to his form of racial incitement and agitation propaganda against the diverse groups of people, immigrants and tribes that "white Europeans" are.

Or change "rich whites" to "rich blacks" like Obama and Eric Holder that serve the banksters and then what happens to his agitation propaganda?  What about the first black man in America that helped set the precedent for slavery because he wanted to bring African traditions to America?  Traditions that continue in some regions in Africa to this day?  I suspect that is all too complex for a pea brained peasant.

But all that aside and in the end, here and now... here's a final solution, have the Federal Reserve pay reparations to all "black people" in the amount of whatever America's so-called national debt is.  Go ahead, try it.  Do you supposedly want power/money, or not?  Or are you too busy with occupying space again?  The fact that you're generally allowed to say "rich white people" and agit prop against them says enough.  It's like Nobody focusing on the extra swimming pool of Papa John, while banksters just created trillions of petrodollars for their banking networks in the background.  At least Papa John has actually made some good pizzas and isn't busy with creating money/debt out of nothing.  

There are reasons that you are allowed to wander around and occupy space while talking about a so-called "1%" like the useless, witless wonder you are.   Who are the "1%" and the "rich white people" that you keep talking about?  Name the names. 

Form well regulated black militias and go try to arrest them or decentralize their monopoly on violence with elected sheriffs and a police force of deputies closer and more accountable to the people.  (!!!!)  Wait a second!  Now who is the terrorist?     

Liberal lemmings are usually a long way from the Founders or a variant of the "white people" that you seem to hate so much.  Why were the Founders successful (sort of) in leading a peasant revolution against oligarchs and their usual international or "globalist" financiers?  Do you see or admit that they used violence successfully and that their interest in representative and limited government aligned with "We the peasants..."?

You think that you're going to do something similar without studying civilization, without alliances in the ruling/measuring class itself (the triangle clubs, etc.)  or with mere racial agit prop for peasants?   Please.  You'd probably wind up voting to assassinate yourself without trial before walking out the door to meet with other liberal lemmings to create your Big Plans at Star Bucks to "line all Republicans up and shoot them" or whatever.  (And you are aware that any talk of violence is talk about creating terrist* cells for the national security state to go full SWAT Team on, right?)

Position triangulated by the all seeing eye in the sky of the triangle club and there's Kavips talking about violence.  What is the threat matrix forecast for him today?  Bring in Drones Inc.?     

Get real.  More entertainment.

You would need the peasant militias, gun owners, sheriffs and police themselves in order to change the power structure and shift it back toward people and away from international ponzi/banking.  Yet you hate them just like many of them hate you.  Have you even shot a gun before?  What do you think "rich white people" are going to do, give you their portion of ponzi that the international bankers are keeping safe for them?  

Run along, stop talking about violence and go play with your rainbows Kavips...   seriously.             

*I'm reminded of a comment by a person the ADL keeping track of "extremist movements" among the goyim within the context of the oligarchic and special interests of the tribe.  "The vast majority under surveillance turn out to be hot air specialists."  (Kavips)  Used to be that the FBI/NSA would help out or they could forward their lists of terrorists over.  But it seems like that's changing some.  The thing about the triangle clubs that only "conspiracy theorists" see hidden in plane sight, is that sometimes they disagree with each other when triangulating where their top secret seat of centralized power should be. 

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