Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ramble 12/18

Farther back among the brutal white tribes and Vikings from which many Americans are descended, rulers of the tribe often did govern that way.  And what did they get?  War after war, mass poverty underneath the oligarchs that kept on inciting them.  Feudal/"Food"al systems,  etc.

Supposedly we are all supposed to be a rainbow of "progressive" politics now, so why are Democrats and Jewish politicians still trying to win elections and govern based on tribal/identity politics?  Why have liberal trendies in the corporate media in America, a matrix of media owned by Jews, been trying to incite race riots?

Note that in the end, those dumb little careerist liberals and trendies in "the media" need their paychecks.  And they're quite clearly squashing some stories about """"""racism"""""" while promoting others.  So their rainbows are a lie.  Although it's debatable if they even understand that they've been incorporated in lying about racism among the goyim by the premier racists of the world, ignorant as they are.

I guess that's the same for everyone, including the premier racists of the world themselves.  Because if they could realize that they are the racists that they keep going on and on about, then they might change.  If Jack Markell could realize that his racial or ethnic separatism is a form of "racism" by Democratic standards, then he might change.  Etc.

Apparently the most effective form of lying is to cultivate a culture in which people no longer even know that they are lying.   According to pretty basic forms of facts and logic, they are lying.  But according to their culture and the tribal perceptions involved in creating the minority/identity politics that they use to win elections and manipulate the goyim, many know not what they do.

They're like you with your fields of white crosses and closed open air war memorials in that way.  You can't see your own cultures and their cultivation.  You idolize masculinity and the military, yet do not form a well regulated militia at local levels in your interests, in reality.  So.. are you or your son going to die for more freedumb?  Freedumb isn't free?  Or will it be hopium?  OIL, Operation Iraqi Liberation?  Stars and Heroes, Dancing in the Mideast?  What if when you do your actual job, protecting and providing for your family and nation, you do not get to be lauded as a supposed hero and get your own reality show in the corporate media?  What if instead, you're left to die in places like Benghazi and not even Fox News Inc. wants to turn it into yet more politics/entertainment?

    (Not enough ponzi in your usury based system even as all the central bankers of the world collaborate, again?  And you think that gold and the Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road is going to help?   Imagine that.  What is the plan here, wait until Delaware Lemming calls for lining people up and shooting them again... then when it turns out that they don't have any guns because they're the dumb effeminate wing in American politics.. shoot them and call it self-defense?  Why are you all so anxious to call each other terrorists?  Oh well.  It's all just rambling and a bunch of talk about the nature of nation building.  Until it isn't.  I'm not so sure what's so hard to understand about getting it together* and the concept of nation building with each other, in your own nation.  It's all dumb, dumb.... and dumber.  Shrug.) 

*You're not going to do that based on tribal/minority politics where freedumb turns to rainbows or the "wedge issues" that Republican politicians (entertainers) and the media (more entertainment) are often interested in. 

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