Monday, December 22, 2014

Ramble, no time to think about this right now.

Yet all those marchers, Al Sharpton and the President with Michelle all out and lamenting the turmoil of the blacks in this country aren’t encouraging this crazed behavior amongst the crazies. Come on!

They don't need much encouragement, all of these behaviors can already be observed in black subculture. Case after case. It's all a statistic until it's you. The kosher media is merely framing the black mob violence and theft/looting that was already occurring as "protests" now. And some African Americans from America's inner city subcultures are framing the killing of cops that they were already engaged in as racial/tribal revenge now. That's all.

Note the thing about tribal vengeance without due process, it's an Asian and a Hispanic cop that is killed. It's a Bosnian that gets beaten to death with hammers by a black "lynch" mob. Etc. There is no social or tribal justice. There is only justice. It used to be black mob violence did not make it out of the local media Although the way that the national media portrays these stories, it looks suspiciously like tribal incitement by or allowed by the Jews that own the corporate media in America. I wonder if eventually white goyim/tribes in America are going to do what the Russians have already done and speak openly about the hatred that the Tribe Inc. harbors for them. That's ironic, isn't it? The Russians, the dread Commies and the Eastern half of the East vs. West dialectic beginning to have more sense in their pea brained peasant heads than the dumb goyim Walmartians in McMurica? Nothing against Walmart and McDonald's, they're actually fine in some ways. Apparently that's the endless pursuit of happiness for people that seem rather unhappy. It's the nature of the peasants there and their freedumb that are increasingly questionable to me.

Regardless, African Americans were already engaged in "crazed" or tribal behavior long before America's kosher national news allowed it to become Big News for you to have a "national conversation" about. Some white Sunday school teachers (literally) are raped and murdered by a group of blacks in the most horrible way possible and that's not national news. It's not kosher. But a black thug gets shot while walking away from yet another crime committed against the diverse tribes and groups of people in America (Pakistani?) and it turns into Big National News, apparently.

 I wonder if the Hispanic shot in a police car recently was a "white Hispanic" or if the Asian was a "white Asian"? It's all looney tunes in the kosher media. What if they were Irish? Or what if they were a descendent of some of the Jewish oligarchs that helped monetized the international/"globalist" slave trade and bought the ships in the first place? Would that make any conception of social, racial or tribal justice, right? No. The only form of "social justice" that may make sense (logic, facts, evidence.. perspectives vary) in any way is if reparations are paid within a generation from the tribes and families involved in governmental and "institutional" stuff. (Borrowing money out of nothing from the Federal Reserve Inc. in order to offshore reparations payments to Chinese slave labor where they're building suicide nets wouldn't count either. Just saying.)

There again, with respect to "social justice" and given the amount of black crime these days... who is going to pay for that in a tribal way? Do they have any money to pay? Is the NAACP, a tribal/racial group, going to raise funds to pay reparations to the Bosnian man beaten to death with a hammer? Or are they going to pay the Asians that have been bullied out of schools or killed? The only rules for "social justice" I can find are kosher or politically correct rules, generally created by a few corporations owned by Jews that create the national news in America and therefore the "national conversation."

Facts, logic, evidence... and the actual truth seem to have little to do with it. I could be wrong.  All I can do is keep thinking... 

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