Monday, December 22, 2014

Rambling, processing... I reserve the right to change my mind about anything based on new information. This is just the way it seems now.

 It seems that any region with a black majority tends to evolve a culture of tribalism.  And tribalism = gangsterism.

 If a region becomes majority African American then other ethnic groups and the actual "multicultural" people that black men victimize at totally disproportionate rates to any other group usually need to leave.   It's not politically correct.  But it's also not that complicated.  Whatever the reason, a fusion of higher levels of testosterone with a Victim culture would be my guess... it is what it is. 

Although if people do leave then it's likely that within a few generations African Americans will want to move to wherever America's multicult all went to build up better towns and cities again.  And they'll probably still think that they have a right to it all, for whatever reason.  (My money would be on Chinese sweat shop workers having a right to it all, these days.  But that's just me, the crazy guy on the net.) 

There is also the "globalists" and globally minded Jews that would probably want to come in as lawyers and civil rights activists for the goyim.  They'd probably get their with their minority/tribal politics just in time for end game scenarios.  Herp.  Derp.  Real clever.   Ironically many want their own ethnic if not racially pure state to retreat in the case of just such scenarios.  How do you know?   Antisemitic conspiracy theories?   No.  They just told you.  They just wrote it down.  They just said that they will need their own state if the goyim that they want to manage and monetize or rule like Jack "attended Labor Zionist youth camp" Markell turn antisemitic on people from a Talmudic culture, yet again.  

Stop.  Being.  Dumb.  Ironically Jews will be first in line to condemn any multicultural/Asian/Russian/Bosnian/English/Dutch or whoever movement away from African American regions.   Why didn't Jews and European colonists make the Native Americans into slaves?  We're still back on all that, like it or not. There is no Slave Memorial that I know of.  The multicult should build it, though.  And they should pay all African Americans with federal reserve notes instead of laundering ponzi through JP Morgans food stamp business.

Do whatever the black community wants or demands and then see what happens within one generation unless enough of their leaders break with the tribal Victim mentality by which their ancestors monetized each other and sold each other into slavery for some rum or whatever in the first place.

If you want a tribe, then you have to own all of its behavior.

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