Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Research ramble 12/17

You either have a rural society with very few public services and then you can have a low tax base and low cost of living, because you do for yourself. — Or, you have a social utopia with all kinds of services and government handouts — and a very high tax rates and high cost of living.

Anyway, here's the politician in this case: Mayor of Wilmington/ Dennis P. Williams/ PROMISED SAFETY AND SECURITY

"We're going to give them all the social services avenues that they need to get their life back..." 

Like JP Morgan's food stamp business?    How are all these social services going to be monetized in the "blue state" cities?  What happens to JP Morgan's EBT business when the derivatives market does what it's most likely going to need to do? 

"If I'm elected then you're going to see some things that you've never seen before." 

I wouldn't blame him for black crime in any of these cities where the "minority" becomes the majority that tends to overwhelm the forms of civilization that other ethnic groups usually built up and left.  There's no way that a few good black men can come in as leaders to change the results of the decisions of numerous individuals that created "culture." 

A few good men are certainly better than nothing... but what are they supposed to do when this* is the culture of crap that they have to work with?    

But all that aside...  look at his claims, he's the one claiming to be able to do that.  So he's responsible, apparently.  (???) 

(Some of his ideas are bad to the extent that they even do anything as far as cultivating the culture while policing crime... like having the police buy more drugs from drug dealers in order to try to win the "war on drugs.")

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