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Comments on Team America and their freedumb...

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Well American troops and Americans are lower than illegal aliens according to Congress.   Congress and Obama do not listen to Americans.  So why would anyone fight and die for a country when you are treated lower than piss?
The troops are treated like shit in joke wars where they get blown up for nothing.  Their votes during elections are thrown in the garbage.  Any benefits are cut and if they are lucky they might get a dog for their blown off legs.
The most disgusting thing is the meaningless "Support the Troops" bullshit.  If you really supported the troops you would stand up to stop the midnless phony wars.
Tue, 12/16/2014 - 23:35 | 5561708 new Disc Jockey
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Vote up!
I agree that we need to stop these wars from occuring but you'll find little pity here in regards to our modern vets.
The troops are mercenaries that enter into a contractual agreement to fight for the oligarchy while being promised all sorts of goodies: super easy home loans, tax free sundries at any local base, and thousands in college money.  Why should I care if they get anything from the beast? I worked my ass off to get the pittance of income I scrape in daily and a good portion of which pays for their spoils.
Admittedly, a lot of the poor bastards didn't know any better when they signed up and for those I have litterally wept, but on the other hand I have very little pity for the ones that went in with open eyes or even just with the lust to kill and earn a few bucks. If we're talking Vietnam vets...totally different, but the boy in uniform today made a choice.
I especially will not have some vet come to my house and tell me that because "freedom isn't free" he needed to run off and kill lots of brown people in some far off land for my rights.
Fuck that guy. I am a sovereign man.  My rights ARE. They are not some gift presented from powers on earth and certainly not from some snotty brat what who wanted to go shoot people at the taxpayers expense.
When are they going to go after our domestic enemies as is required in their oath? If they start shooting bankers, the corrupt cops, and storm Mordor on the Potomac...well then we may have something, but I'm not holding my breath.
Let the red arrows come. I will wear them as a badge of honor.
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 00:47 | 5561859 new TheReplacement
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That guy that had to run off and kill lots of brown people believed he was doing it to protect his and yours from more imminent attacks.  Just like the financial system, defense is a lie that is still believed by a good number of people.  Just today Fox was saying (I know, I was not the one to turn it on but I certainly let my disgust be known) something like 60-70% or more of Americans supported torturing people and thought the Dems were evil for exposing the evil that is the CIA and that the CIA is holier than a suicide bomber.
You know that scene from the Matrix were Morpheus teaches Neo that everyone is a potential enemy even though we are fighting to save them all?  That much is our lives on the big screen.
Wed, 12/17/2014 - 01:39 | 5561916 new Disc Jockey
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It just so happened that NBC was on this evening (not my choice either) and I happened to overhear those stats of apporval for the use of torture.
51% Say the interrogation practices were acceptable.
45% Think they should be used in the future.
Seriously America. What the fuck? Have we fallen so far? I'm ashamed at what my beautiful country has come to represent. We've become a nation of cowards and for what?
I had a vet as a roommate that signed up the week after Sept. 11th back in 2001.  My opinions on the military "service," economics, and politics are largely based on the long drinking conversations we had in that crappy little apartment in Virginia.
He went to Afghanistan, saw his buddies get blown up, protected poppy fields, witnessed some terrible deaths of civilians, and pretty quickly gathered that they were doing absolutely nothing in the way of protecting his family or even improving the lives of the locals.
As soon as he could, he got the hell out and never looked back.
My heart went out to the poor guy...really fucked with his whole perspective on the world and turned him into a sad broken dude.  I picked him up from the bar quite a few nights and once I'd chaffuered him home he'd cling to my arm like a lost child as walked him to the couch so he could pass out. I had my eyes opened by him more than any one person and still to this day I owe him for imparting all that knowledge.
Everyday I see things and my eyes bug out when I realize that we'd talked about it 4 years back only I'd thought he was at least partially crazy.  He introduced me to ZH back then as well and I have been lurking until just recently.

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