Thursday, December 04, 2014

A more perfect union....

Already known at a deeper level by the occult builders of American civilization and its monuments.  Not like it's rocket science, except when it is.

There is either balance and more perfect union between Washington's Monument (male) and the Capital Dome (female) or your civilization is on the way out.   The Two Towers or Two Pillars that once stood in NYC represent the same thing, so note that "American" trade underneath the One World Trade Tower of the New World Order Inc. or whatever "globalist" occultists call it is on a collision course with many American traditions.  (Humorous, Biden calls it the "New World Order" like the rest and yet he seems to be clueless.)

Perhaps equally clueless:Managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde's Illuminati Numerology Message

I tend to go Big Picture like the ruling class... but it's still the responsibility of peasants and pawns on the Grand Chessboard to hold their marriages together. 

You're sent to the so-called "war on terror" after 911?  Hold it together. 

Your do not have enough of the magick "money" from 33rd Liberty Street?  Hold it together.  And so on. 

You're starving to death and Ebola is still an issue even when it's not in your Big News cycle?  Uh, ok... that would be a lot of pressure on marriages.   But fortunately most Americans seem to have a lot of fat saved up for any of the lean years that may be ahead as probabilities or scenarios coming to fruition by the numbers collapse on their stupid reality shows, huh?

I'd like to say that you have a transparent government (Being run by the most transparent administration ever, no less!) and you don't have to study the occult in order to guess at some of the "top secret" scenarios.  But that's not the case.  They are occultists.  They keep things hidden.  They are generally insider traders.  It's not the most transparent administration ever, in case you hadn't noticed.  There's more of the ponzi of the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain floating around than ever before in the history of the world, like magick. 

Etc.  How transparent does it have to get?  Your government is owned.  You are owned.

I sometimes wonder if our Masons need to get it together at a higher (meta, metaphysical, symbolic) level again and do a few things about what peasants call the so-called "illuminati," "globalists" and other euphemisms.  Perhaps all most peasants need to worry about is their small picture stuff and finding a "more perfect union" in their own marriages, even in the context of "feminism" and their other cultural toxins like the so-called LGBT movement. 

Because that ground level and physical stuff is a dimension of the foundation of your civilization and philosophical or metaphysical liberty.  (Yes.  You shouldn't need much of a study to see that.  Wisdom out of the mouths of babes and all that.) 

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