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Juxtapositions on the nature of assimilation, multiculturalism and open border for the goyim.

An interesting juxtaposition to Sibel's attitude of assimilation with American traditions and Constitutional values and an interesting study in general.... how did Labor Zionists (Jewish separatists/nationalists) running aspects of the American government get to be so looney tunes?  E.g., Jack Markell trying to save the transgendered Bathroom Tribe from bathroom bullies.  I.e. saving them from bathroom Nazis that are about to build "gas chambers" behind the building just like the Jewish Bolsheviks said about the actual Nazis, no doubt.  Tell me that trying to save the Transgender Tribe invented based on tribal/identity politics is not looney tunes. 

What is their culture?  Why the apparent looney "Saving them from the bathroom Nazis!" tune aspects of it?  

Conservative nationalists in America love to hear about how Islamic nations are full of tyranny or how Team America saved Jews from "gas chambers" and Kuwaiti incubator babies from death, yet that's what their itching ears want to hear.  They don't want to hear about Zionists turning things into a messianic mess, as usual. 

So, on with a case in point:
Markell was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, the son of Elaine "Leni", a social worker, and William Markell, who taught accounting at the University of Delaware.  He graduated from Newark High School. As a child, he attended Camp Galil, a summer camp in the Labor Zionist youth movement, Habonim Dror.  --Wikipedia
So what's that?  What is a "Labor Zionist" youth camp, exactly?  Apparently it's a nationalist and distinctly non-multicultural movement.  This is apparently were many that will give out free rainbows to the goyim, as long as they're in charge of policing multiculturalism, are coming from. 

But the free rainbows aside and back in reality, some might call it a separatist, nationalist and decidedly non-multicultural movement establishing power for itself as an ethnic bloc:
Habonim Dror is a Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement, which exists to educate and bring Jewish culture to its members, both within Israeli society and in the Jewish Diaspora. One of the main concepts of the movement's ideology is that of tikkun olam, a Hebrew phrase that means "mending the world" which originated in the early rabbinic period of Judaism. The Movement ideology falls into different categories. They are Hagshama Atzmit (Self-realisation), Socialism/Social Justice, Zionism, Judaism and Chalutziut (Pioneering). These categories are not independent ideologies, each platform helps to integrate one of them with the others. Every chaver/a (member) embodies the spirit of Habonim Dror.... --Wikipedia
Apparently that's also where many social/tribal justice ideas and many separatist saviors of the rest of the world/goyim are coming from.  They're separate from the goyim and from that perspective, apparently need to police and save them.  Meet your new international/multicultural commissars, comrade.. because they're not the same as the old czars that they just killed or the cultures that they overturned and so on.

If anyone else among the goyim had nationalist, separatist camps infused with messianic religious ideas then they'd probably be on the ADL/DHS list of extremists or tribal "hate groups."   Because apparently if the goyim are nationalists of any sort at all (even truly multicultural Constitutionalists), then they might be hating other people.  They're suspect.  Might be a hate group trying to go tribal... etc.  But if Jack Markell does it, then it's all rainbows and light?  Could black separatists have youth camps and demand their own Black Nation (with interracial marriage forbidden, etc.) to protect themselves from the racism of the world, without that being controversial?  Could they win elected office while doing that? 

Shrug.  Goyim.  Seriously.

More on the culture of Labor Zionism: 
At age 10, Bloom was sent with his two siblings to Camp Galil, a movement-run summer camp near Doylestown, Pa. He returned each season for the next four years and later became a camp counselor.
    One of campers was Jack Markell, who years later would become the governor of Delaware. Bloom reconnected with Markell, as well as with several other old Habonim friends, upon arriving in Washington for his new job. They are now “offering me home-cooked meals,” said Bloom, who is commuting between his family in Pittsburgh and his job in Washington.
   Bloom recalled camp as “a fun experience” that afforded him the opportunity to “meet people from different places.” He said he never intended to go into the Labor Zionist movement professionally.
    Addressing the question of how the experience influenced him, Bloom said, "It’s all a tapestry, and it’s hard to figure out what fits where."**
     He says Habonim infused him with values that influenced the way he views public service. “We sang the songs, but it wasn’t about that," Bloom said. "It was a broader sense of identifying with the underdog, and of observing the world through a lens, through people who don’t have as much and aren’t as lucky.”
     The Labor Zionist movement prides itself in its direct connection with union work...  (Ron Bloom: Car czar in the Labor Zionist tradition)
That seems to be a long way from the attitude of Sibel Edmonds with respect to assimilation and a capacity for putting self criticism of her own nation and culture (Turkey) before so-called separatist "self realization" or the messianic "social"/tribal forms of justice that seem to typify a radical, nationalist/Zionist looney tune like Jack Markell.

Most nationalists at least understand that they're nationalists and separatists, perhaps partially because Jews see nationalism and tribalism around every corner and often begin creating "hate tribe" lists for the SPLC/ADL to send to the DHS before the goyim even get started going tribal for themselves these days.  I'm actually find with that, to some extent.  Although it's ironic.  I guess if you have a huge Jewish log in your own eye then you can't see that it may only be a speck of nationalism in the eyes of those that you want to police for their hatred, tribalism, nationalism and terrorism.  Police yourselves first?    

Shrug.  Goyim are probably going to focus and realize what is going on around them again due to Jewish "Is it good for the Jews?" culture and tribal Jewish traditions eventually.   It's not a big secret.  It's in plane sight.

And the goyim are already waking up to it.  Just last night I saw an activist from Hong Kong studying the formation of their nation due to the opium wars while wondering about who controlled the "globalist"/international trade in hopium in the past.  And they came to the usual conclusions about an international Tribe Inc. that fancies itself above all while making a killing on the goyim.  

Shrug.  Americans will probably be the last to know due to their ethnic conceits...  given that most cannot even say the word "Zionist" or "Jew" without conjuring Nazi imagery, let alone begin studying who is influencing and cultivating their "politically correct" culture in general. 

In the meantime there is next to zero debate about Jewish privilege, Jewish racism, Jewish separatists, the establishment of Judaism or perhaps a need for reparations from the Tribe for the actions of other members of the tribe in the past.  Social justice?  Tribal justice? 

There is only "white privilege" and so forth, despite the fact that many white tribes didn't benefit from slavery and others worked to abolish it.  Do we really want to "go tribal" here and look at the past in tribal terms without thought police, commissars, laws and jails protecting the Tribe that fancies itself above all the goyim/tribes?  Let me know when the Palestinians are paid reparations or simply paid to go away instead of being treated like lab rats by War Inc. and "JudeoChristians."  (How intolerant and politically incorrect of me to focus on Zionism and Jewish culture/traditions in general, huh?)        

**"Hard to figure out how it all fits together."  Not really: 
 It would appear that Herzl, a marginal politician [like Jack Markell], sensed better than anyone else the imminent threat of Jewish integration and assimilation. This example illustrates the essence of separatist ideologies – the aim to put barriers between people. Separatism is a strategy of ghetto-building and Zionists have followed this strategy since the late nineteenth century.
The case of lesbian separatism is very similar. In the 1970s, when women were closing social gaps and achieving greater equality, a radical militant feminism emerged. In her article ‘The Way of All Separatists’28, Ludo McFingers writes: ‘They hate men, see women as a sex class, support biological determinism, reject reformism and despise the left.’
The underlying premise of lesbian separatism is that men cannot or will not change. Consequently, women can only guarantee their own freedom by detaching themselves from men. Some separatist women even suggest a need for violent confrontation with men to overthrow their power. Not surprisingly some of the most radical lesbian separatists would prefer to live in a world entirely free of men and some have gone so far as to state that ‘Dead men don’t rape’. This echoes the Israeli popular expression: ‘A good Arab is a dead Arab.’
The similarities between Zionist and feminist separatists are evident. Moreover, from time to time the two radical ideologies merge into a single voice. When it was suggested to the American Jewish feminist Andrea Dworkin that the idea of Womenland was insane she answered: ‘Didn’t they say that about Israel? And didn’t the world think that Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, was a crank? The Jews got a country because they had been persecuted, said that enough was enough, decided what they wanted and went out and fought for it. Women should do the same. And if you don’t want to live in Womenland, so what? Not all Jews live in Israel, but it is there, a place of potential refuge if persecution comes to call … as the Jews fought for Israel so women have the right to execute – that’s right, execute – rapists and the state should not intervene.’29
Earlier in the same interview, Dworkin, whom the Guardian defined as a ‘far left’ activist, admitted that she ‘remains a supporter of Israel’s right to exist, of the Jewish right to have their own state and the Jewish right to fight back against those who tried and still try to kill them; just as she thinks that women have the right to fight back, even kill, the men who have abused them.’ Dworkin may represent the views of a tiny and insignificant minority but the ideological similarities between Zionism and Feminist Separatism are clear. One significant difference, however, is that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear bombs.
  A long time ago I found that through the replacement of the word ‘woman’ with ‘Jew’ and the word ‘man’ with ‘gentile’, a lesbian separatist text could be transformed smoothly into a radical Zionist pamphlet and vice versa.
Atzmon, Gilad (2011-09-30). The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (pp. 41-42)

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