Friday, December 19, 2014

Big ramble... fun times.

But anyway, ramble of the day... perhaps it's little wonder that "folks"like Biden often don't actually even run the governments of the West in rather "significant" ways.  Too busy with avoiding tripping over their own "red lines" while playing golf and so on, it would seem.  Wow, they almost actually ran the government and decided for or against acts of war there for a second, huh?

They certainly have some influence but they're often reduced to merely reacting to what the intelligence agencies of Zion or whatever the Jewish/corporate* media in America tell them.

I guess these jokers, golfers and entertainers call that an "intelligence briefing" or "reading about it in the papers," as usual?

It's almost amusing, if nothing else.  

Real nationalists would be interested in all that goes into protecting their own nations or forming well regulated militias with that in mind, etc.... but what are these jokers like Joe blow Biden** doing?  Hopium?  OIL? And what is Team America, Humanitarian Heroic Diaper Changing Police actually doing while policing the international ponzi of a private banking cartel these days?  What heroes you are... 

Find any WMDs lately?  Quick, check the underpants of your own grandmothers and the diapers of your toddlers...  etc.  Didn't like that as much as policing Arab peasants?  Ok, then the international networks and foreign governments involved in terrism will probably back off and let you keep some baby formula because there may not be as much terrism now that they're feeling some heat from "us."  Not you.  Us. 

Ah, yet I'm the crazy conspiracy theorist (factist, really) for focusing like a laser on the people that actually have WMDs and the only rogue nuclear state in the MidEast that openly speaks of a "Sampson Option."  Fine.  I'll be the crazy person according to your official sources and your corporate media of Zion, Pilgrim. Or Puritan?  Maybe you should check for Zion in your underpants, because like an old Jewish terrorist that you now call the Apostle Paul without listening to him once said.. it's amounts to shit.  His word for Jewish tribalism, Zionism and the traditions of the Jews later written down in the Talmud, not mine...  why do you treat what he wrote as your scriptures if you're not actually listening to him, anyway?  Shrug.  

*I wonder what's going to happen when it turns out that a young white woman was burned to death from the inside out by members of a black goyim gang going by the name "African Squad"?  Didn't hear about that much in the corporate media?    But if there's any type of racial/tribal angle in the ongoing investigation taking place on the internet then it will be all over Big News Inc. like Trayvon?  If there is a racial angle then it will inspire a national conversation about race (black man on white woman violence in interracial relationships) and protests everywhere, if not riots... right?    

Will an "unarmed white woman" being burned to death be Big National News worthy of the Jew York Times Inc. or the Washington Post and the DC media bubble in general?  If you argue that I'm inciting tribal violence (add me to the "hate list" of the SPLC along with the Family Research Council, thanks.  Remember, rainbows!) by mentioning observable realities as a craaazy guy on the internet, then what about the Jewish owned mainstream media in America that reaches an international audience of millions?  If I'm guilty of incitement, then what the hell are they and their collection of crackhead "journalists" doing?  Their recent wars and covering for false flag attacks aside, how many times are the owners of "reporters"in the corporate media going to allow their careerist teleprompter readers to incite black goyim?  (To be replied to by the Zionists over at Fox "old white men" News, no doubt...) 

What does America's corporate media have to do in order order to incite blacks against whites and divide Americans these days?  Do they have to invent "white Hispanics"?  Are they going to be able to reinvent forms of tribalism and racism that many American peasants no longer even believe in?  Where do all the people that have already intermarried fall in the tribal and racial politics typical to the Jewish owned media in America?  Are they going to be incited against each other as "white Hispanics... uh, the black life side of their marriage is the Victim here...  or somethin'."?   

On a side note... add me to your lists, ADL/SPLC and whatever other organizations Zionists create...  the ADL is essentially a tribal/nationalist spy network linked to terrorism anyway at this point.  Perhaps we should have a debate on whether or not to interrogate Bill Kristol in an "enhanced" way too, right on Fox News. You have a problem with that?  Why?  The Constitution?  Due process?  The rule of law?  Because you just posted here about how you should take Kristol's advice and Netanyahu is your man of the year or whatever? 


It's always "stand with Israel" and take Bill Kristol's advice, like on this blog.  Yet you never question, are they standing with you?  Is it their tradition to stand with you and try to help you like some Good Samaritan?  Do they care about you in some tribal way more than their own interests? Are they more interested in your national or tribal interests than their own? 

More rambling.

But if, if...  you are interested in having a "special relationship" with Bill Kristol and others that believe in "enhanced interrogation" and preemptive forms of tribal vengeance (For WMD type events that haven't even happened, in reality.) then try to leave "us" and "our" military out of it.  It's either that or take over Israel and make it your/"our" colony directly so that we have some type of representation there.  Do we have lobby groups there, working for our interests?   Or perhaps you could make it here in "our" own government to the same extent that they do.  In other words, billions of dollars incoming to what some call "Chiraq" and other majority black regions now in order to "nation build" there.  You believed that it could be done in Iraq, why not in your own nation? 

What are you on this blog and the neoconservative establishment even doing?  What do you think you're doing?

Get it straight or get it clear as to what you're actually doing in reality somehow. 

Because the supposedly craaaazy guy from the internet says...  all you Zionists (Racial separatism for Jews and an ethnic state for Jews but not any of the goyim in the West or any place that Jews are a minority often playing at tribal or racial politics with other tribal minorities... etc.etc.) are the crazy people. 

You're all crazy, it's official!  ;-)  Certifiable, really.

(Clueless officials working for federal reserve notes are usually certifiably careerists, that's their certificate.  Nothing to see there, move along.  But facts, logic and evidence or a theory with explanatory power, "antisemitic conspiracy theory" or not... well, it is what it is.  That's what I like about facts and theories with explanatory power that therefore lead to more observations, facts and knowledge.  You can keep your officials and your Jewish advisers and empire builders, etc.  I realize that you are generally all best pals by now.  Charles Krauthammer, he's a nice fellow... and you like Fox News. That's all fine.  So long as you don't say that your neoconservative positions and advice from Bill Kristol is all based on facts, logic, evidence and American patriotism then we will all get along just fine.)                    

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