Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More research and processing thoughts... not going to get into this where it was posted.

....who have seen all of those taxes soar even while services decline and crime increases.

 The actual reason for crime increasing.

There aren't enough people from other ethnic groups (whether the descendents of Pilgrims or Polish immigrants, Asians, Russians, whoever) to maintain a majority black city, let alone build it. 

There are a few good black men.  That's the primary, primal and most basic problem.  

The few good men that there are, a few good church leaders and so on is not enough to "carry" all the dead weight of the community.  Neither they nor "white burden" types can change all the thousands of decisions by which individual African Americans create something called "inner city black culture." 

That's all.  You're not going to change or avoid the most important facts about these majority black cities (Fergadishu, Wilmington, etc.) by focusing on tax rates or a hike on sewer taxes... or whatever you're talking about. 

That's silly.

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