Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ramble on tribalism...

  There are other cases, some even suitable to the racial narratives that the corporate media almost has a fetish for at this point, that could have been used to generate a "national conversation" about race too.  (I.e. more navel gazing by peasants that probably had little to do with the international slave trade, etc.  More people that had zero to do with the Southern oligarchs and the Masons that created the KKK talking about racism, etc.    More entertainment, as always...  that's partially why there's never a resolution to any of it and reparations are never paid, in reality.) 

In any case, this was the wrong case to go off into the usual news "stories" typical to the careerist crackheads that tend to inhabit the corporate media in America.  Meanwhile:"I can't be racist for what one group of kids did."  Can turn into, "If I had a son, then he'd look like that white kid that just got beat up by a group of blacks.  So, I'm going tribal!"  (Or making a Youtube video to incite racism, like that guy apparently did.  Delaware makes it into their racial agit prop too, a few minutes in.)   

You don't think that could happen?   It is already happening more and more.  Obama's idea that cops should wear cameras?  Indeed.  Go ahead and provide the budgets for that, etc.  

But what will they establish a visual record of that is merely boring statistics right now?  Be careful what you ask for.    

In theory, everyone could intermarry and forms of racial tribalism would disappear... but as a simple matter of fact, that's not happening that much.  It's happening some, which will help prevent people "going tribal" based on race.  (Perhaps there's something to be said for establishing fake forms of tribalism like Democrats and Republicans?  Or even the sports teams?)  Fortunately some people seem capable of getting along well enough, including black people in Ferguson that protected their neighborhood stores from outside agitators with guns, etc.  People.  It's always the best of times and the worst of times.  Who knows.

But to some extent, what's going on in America is like observing what goes on in "war torn" nations that are Balkanized/"tribalized" on purpose by empire builders.  Keeping peasants divided and inciting race riots and so on tends to serve the interests of the oligarchy being established by and the mercenaries of Team America that almost openly serve global bankers at this point.  They do it on purpose in foreign nations. At the ground level, they're usually building on preexisting hatreds like those that exist in America. (In other words, I wouldn't minimize the hatred among peasants by pointing out that it is also often being incited or used at a higher level.  It is real enough....  all the way back to the "Red Skins" that allied with the French empire builders in the French/Indian war.)  

Just think if Russia was caught trying to incite riots or foundation funding agitation propaganda or "activists" like Al Sharpton and so on for American peasants in order to weaken* the nation....  the thing of it is, they do not even have to.  The witless wonders in the corporate media are apparently doing that on their own at this point.           

*But I guess that's a matter of perspective.  Because it's possible that all of this can be used for bigger budgets and more MRAPs for the mercenaries of ponzi next year.  It's interesting that JP Morgan has a food stamps business on the one hand and plenty of ponzi for the police of NYC on the other.   Shrug.  This never ends well.  And yet no one wants to do anything significant about it or the whole concept of borrowing debt/money into existence from nothing from global banksters that will naturally pull everything away from representative forms of government... etc.etc.etc.... apparently.   (More Doom, more Gloom... at least my own life is good and my family will be fine.  Not sure about the poor, the veterans any other people that will probably be expected to go to war for foreign/"globalist" financial and political interests again soon.)

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