Friday, December 12, 2014

My wife the other night about Facebook comments, "You just wrote all that in five minutes?" Same old, same old... so I'm putting this here and going to try to keep things simple for peasants.

Interesting: Jews of course have absolutely nothing to do with any of this.

But:Helping people to hide from the harm of their actions, so they do not learn or grow, is not civility. That is liberalism, not civility.


Liberalism means hiding from reality, learning nothing from experience, making the same mistakes over and over.

Let's look at your own supposed standards relative to your arguments covering for Jews/Judaism/Talmudism/tribalism and the international ethnic networks trading on hopium that have resulted in the past, etc.

The British Empire was financed by taxes on the British people and conquest of colonies and trade with those colonies.
  When you borrow money, you have to pay it back. When you apply for a mortgage to buy a house, you have to show that you have the income needed to pay it back.

When you borrow money from nothing that has usually been lent to the oligarchs of the dumb goyim (of any ethnicity) at interest from the Tribe Inc. then why do you have to have peasants pay it back?  Why should they?    

Americans felt the bite of Jewish bankers during the war of 1812 and have a long history of rebellion, yet now it would seem that former supposedly "Masonic" (or Talmudic?) rebels (imitating the international ethnic networking typical to Jews replete with Jewish symbols and rituals and "hidden hands" to boot.) are the policemen and mercenaries just like the dumb goyim Red Coats once were. 

Red Team, Blue Team... here we go again?  Who divides nations with chaos (A tax on tea, Masons of the world rebel!!!) and who actually builds them back up out of the chaos (peasants, the Whiskey Rebellion)? 

What is the national debt and why would you pay it?    

Regardless of whether bankers of all ethnic backgrounds loaned money from time to time...

It's true that "they" are generally all in it together now, as people have taken to calling them the "globalists."  Apparently they've generally decided to flood the world with ponzi but like all ponzi schemes, they have to use an exponential growth curve of a "growing economy" or population or a war to incorporate more people in their debt/money. 

It all works, until it doesn't.  And of course, more and more people are left out in the meantime... given the nature of a ponzi scheme. ("It worked!  I got my benefits from it.  And the Empire is going to keep growing and expanding forever, so it'll work for the entire world too... uh, right?"  Etc.)   

...the British Empire had to have sources of income to pay those loans back.

Why are national oligarchs of the West, mostly shabat goyim, borrowing money into existence from nothing from a worldwide System Inc. of central banks in the first place?

David Anderson today: 
Yes, the fact that in a debate where I am unsure that I may trust a left winger like Warren is a measure of how much I distrust the big banks.

Yeah.  It's probably about time to stop calling each other terrists or signing up for the Orwellian "war on terror." 

Even more direct, although none of you will want to talk about it:
The [Right vs. Left, East vs. West] dialectic embodies the spirit of the Jewish Talmud that what appears to be contradictory has a hidden resolution.
    Keep focusing on some conflict and attention is pulled from the real solution.
  Enter the Jewish capitalists, Warburg and Schiff, who funded the Communist revolution.
    Bolsheviks were Jews. But isn’t there a conflict between capitalism and communism?
    Not for the Jews. It’s kabuki theater for the ‘goyim’ to distract them from seeing who’s really pulling the strings. Jews manage conflicts like people breathe air. [E.g. Victoria Nuland/Nudelman and the neoNazis in Ukraine, neoNazis that exist because of the last attempt at bringing order out of chaos.]
   Grasp this and you’ll stop thinking of Democrats and Republicans as two opposing parties.

   What flavor of Jewish ‘dialectic’ do you want?  [Your true believer Wade voting for war with Syria/Iran... or the careerist Coons?  It's a Big Decision!  Big News!]

Control both sides of the war and you’ll always win.  ["If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” --Gutle Schnaper Rothschild  Or these days, release the McCainiac!  And then it's time for a little visit, on their yachts.] 
“Das Kapital” and “Wealth of Nations” say nothing about how money is created.
Aristotle said that money is determined by government law, not by intrinsic value.
  Sovereign governments create money by fiat backed by law. Aristotle’s word for money, “nomisma,” is derived from the word law, “nomos.”
   Only fiat money can sustain an expanded society…
That’s why they promote ‘metalism’ (the false idea that money must have intrinsic value) in order to confuse you.

The way to tell the best money is to see what the Jews hate most. It’s not gold.

[Clip: “Hi everybody, this is Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Precious Metals and I am holding in my hand the most innovative precious metals product that I’ve ever seen. I can take this, a bar of gold, and just put it here in my wallet with my other credit cards and I can close it up, put it in my pocket and I’ve got $2,500 dollars in my wallet. And, I can spend as little as $50 dollars’ worth at a time.”]

Ludicrous….I mean comical! Try giving Schiff’s little strip to the checkout lady at Krogers and just watch the expression on her face.

Now comes the ‘intrinsic’ bamboozle.
    [Clip: “Here’s a $50 Federal Reserve note. Today they both have the same purchasing power. But I know that this little gram has real intrinsic value and it represents all the effort required to mine it. What about this $50? Nothing. The Fed runs them off the printing press, it doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t matter what number they put on the bill. Here’s a $100 dollar bill. There’s no real difference between the $100 and the $50, they’re the same size.”]
   Oh, but it DOES matter what number they put on the bill. I’ll take a $100 any day over a $50.
   This ‘intrinsic’ smokescreen is all about hiding the real money that Jewry hates: government-created fiat money.
   Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism, also hid real money for the Bank of England.
   He claimed that it was necessary to affix a public stamp on certain metals used to purchase goods. Yet the Bank predominantly used fiat with only a mix of metal.
   Marx hardly talked about money either and when he did he had the same ‘metalist’ idea.
   This is the Talmudic dialectic. The thesis is capitalism. The antithesis is communism. The synthesis is Jewish control like fiat money created by Jews lent to the government AT INTEREST.
   That’s the real problem. The power of fiat in the hands of the Jews…NOT Aristotle’s “government and law.”
--Nathanael Kapner, Jewish whistle blower
  Unfortunately this is too much for pea brained peasants to understand.  It's like expecting George W. to understand what happened on 911 when he was kept like some sort of a pet scapegoat flying around the nation as the Two Towers, the Right and the Left... collapsed.  All of that so that a new Tower could be built and raised out of the chaos, order out of chaos.  (Back in reality, chaos is chaos... and peasants and the least of these build while the ultimate ruler of the ruling classes only destroys.  There is no order in chaos and chaos does not create order.  It is chaos and destruction while the Creator is the source of order.  And that is it.)  Oh, George W.... good grief and good God, man.

Same old, same old... Right vs. Left...  little wonder that those that fancy themselves as masters of producing perceptions in the universe seem to stick with it.  You're all way into that sort of stuff in the brains between your symbolic temples. 

Look at yourselves:
"Oh my gosh these liberals!  It's like my race is full of ethnic masochists that actually like to be degraded and defamed.  So they need to be stopped by any means necessary.  Jews, neoconservatives... huh?"  --Rick   

"These Republicans, they're like terrorist...  line them up and shoot them!"  --Delaware Lemming 

"No, no... I say we terrorize their golf courses!"  --Kavips

"It's the Muslim Manchurian candidate, he's like a terrist... I says!"  --Mr. Moseley

"Have you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?  One of my neoconservative friends told me it's all about that... or somethin'."  --Fay

"There's something about what's going on that almost makes me want to work with other politicians." --David Anderson

All I would say to the lot of you, Mr. Anderson is the only one that seems to be able to almost keep his eye on the ball in the matrix of information and media that you seem to be mistaking for reality.

For the rest of you... here's a red ball, go play with it because freedumb isn't free and you need time to restore chaos.  Or no, no... here's a blue ball, go play with it on the golf courses that you plan on terrorizing. 


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