Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Labor Zionism

That's how into marginal/minority/Jewish politics most Americans are, at this point.  Apparently (on the Labor Zionist side, Obama Inc., Jack Markell, etc.) they've failed to realize that it's their job to govern after using forms of entertainment to win elections.  Because then you are the establishment and it's your job to govern and not merely provide more entertainment to win the next election. 

For example, Jack Markell is still focused on inventing and saving a Transgendered Tribe (based on .01% of the population) to save from supposed Bathroom Nazis and other useless, yet entertaining, endeavors.  He attended a separatist, Labor Zionist youth camp and:
A long time ago I found that through the replacement of the word ‘woman’ with ‘Jew’ and the word ‘man’ with ‘gentile’, a lesbian separatist text could be transformed smoothly into a radical Zionist pamphlet and vice versa. Lesbian separatism is a form of ‘ultimate feminism’; it requires a shift from the realisation that ‘every woman can be a lesbian’ to the radical perception that ‘every woman should be a lesbian.’30 Similarly, a Zionist would argue that ‘every Jew should be a Zionist’ rather than that ‘every Jew can be a Zionist’. Some Zionists would go further and argue that since Israel is ‘the state of the Jewish people’ every Jew should be seen as a Zionist. Accordingly, rejection of Zionism by a Jew should be considered an act of treason, or at very least a form of self-hatred. Naturally, most women would not seriously accept their categorisation by radical feminists. I would say that, at least before the Second World War, the majority of Jews were offended by the Zionist call. It appears that the Holocaust, its exploitation and the unprecedented 1967 Israeli military victory changed the attitude of world Jewry towards Zionism and Israel. The Holocaust was a ‘Zionist victory’, just as each single rape is interpreted by feminist separatist ideologists as a verification of their theories. As we have seen, marginal politics is maintained by hostility against oneself. In order to sustain marginal politics, the loathing directed against oneself becomes advantageous. Zionists rely upon burned synagogues and some lesbian separatists agitators rely upon rape victims. If there were no burned synagogues around, Mossad would go as far as burning some itself31. Within the separatist worldview, such behaviour is legitimate because the end is far more important than the means, and the campaign is more important than any moral integrity.
  Atzmon, Gilad  The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (p. 43). John Hunt Publishing. Kindle Edition.
That's the problem, which goes all the way back to the "gas chambers" invariably found on territory controlled by the Jewish Bolsheviks that Team America was so fond of during WWII. 

Even when there is no Nazi or rapist, they may imagine them anyway.  That's what Lena Dunham and whoever wrote that Rolling Stone article recently did.  One might think, "Well, they're crusading against a problem like Nazism that is or was real enough just like they say.  So I'm sure they can find real cases of it to make their case." 

But that's not always the case.  So there may be no bathroom Nazis going around and setting up "gas chambers" in the bathrooms for the Transgender Tribe, yet Jack Markell is apparently imagining that he needs to focus on saving them.  Get down to it, he may even lie or invent some Nazis to protect his Transgendered Tribe from even if they do not exist. 

It would seem that pea brained "Common Core" peasants and commoners primary need at this point is for an education on the distinction between reality (math, physics, empiricism, etc.) and entertainment.

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