Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ramble, same old stuff... you either write about "the Jews" or you do not and then you start becoming clueless on many issues. Because there's often this huge elephant in the room but no one is supposed to identify or talk about it directly. 12/10

While I think it is misguided to focus too much on race from the Newsweek article and the tragedy it reports,

At the peasant level and not the meta level of "divide and conquer" and "order out of chaos" empire building race and perceptions of race and tribe are the reality. 

"If I had a son then he'd look like Trayvon.  And not that sixteen year old Arab kid that I just signed off on assassinating without trial."  --Obama

Perceptions are often reality in politics, as well as race.

Same thing in Syria.  I go Big Picture all the time... but there wind up being observable facts on the ground among the peasants being divided and conquered too.  The fact that intelligence agencies serving oligarchies exist does not excuse everything.  And in America, it's not even much of an issue other than the fact that the Zionists that create its mainstream media often act like an intelligence agency creating agit prop in their tribal interests while smothering any rather "agitating" news about themselves. 

When people are "Balkanized" on purpose or stirred up with agitation propaganda from above they're still the peasants killing each other on the ground.  They're still The Toilet or Al Qaeda among the Arabs.  They're still the colonists collecting "red skins" in the French and Indian war thanks to English and French empire builders in the background. 

Even if they've been "agitated" unlike apparent random or "homegrown" terrorist like Kavips, they actually do want to cut people's heads off...  or terrorize a golf course.  (????  Lol.)   

So if you walk across a town wearing Christian symbols in Syria, take note.  Seriously.  If you walk across Fergadishu as a white person, take note of the nature of peasants.  Take note of your surroundings and the "facts on the ground," no matter what the banksters and usual suspects are doing in the background as far as agitating one tribe against another. 

Peasants could say:  "I blame the Federal Reserve for this!"  As a black man that couldn't get a job is choked to death.  "I blame... the media and the celebration of gangster culture!"  As another white woman is "robbed" by black thugs, an experience that most peasants can't quite grasp until they're brutalized.  "I was deceived by a false flag!"  "I never had a chance!"  "I didn't have a job!"  "I was incorporated in Correction Corporation of America!"  "I needed to scam people to protect my tribe!"  Etc.

Meta or higher level excuses are Legion...  but the devil or "the system" or "the Jews" or "the whites" didn't make you do it all.       

Going meta though, I would note that people that are experts in Balkanization gave America until about 2020 to degenerate into ethnic strife.  Or something like that, timelines for Doom and Gloom always seem to vary.  Give it time and some normalcy bias and it'll be normalized anyway.  Detroit is a hollowed out shell?  That's normal now.    It'll be tomorrow when Doom and Gloom gets here, most likely.. when climate change hits and mutates Ebola into a new strain and all the hospitals are closed due to race riots.  Don't panic.  (The fine print:  Panic!!!!!  Just kidding.  Never panic.)    

Although it does look like with the help of the Jewish/mainstream media and masochistic white liberals, Balkanization could actually happen eventually.  It would be interesting if the Chinese had to come in.  Then I guess it would be their "Asian burden" to act like surrogate parents for many black people that seem to have been reduced to the level of being utterly childish... while trying to prevent black crime. 

(There are few David Andersons.  Patriarchs are exactly what people need, so that's exactly what is defamed and degraded.  So-called "patriarchy" does not fit into the minority/marginal politics generally being created by Jews.  Jews that only the crazy guy on the internet and a few Jewish whistle blowers like Gilad Atzmon and Israel Shahak and a few others can focus on or say anything about.  You think that Jewish culture and tribalism doesn't matter?  You think cultivating the culture based on identity politics, racist lies and "political correctness" in the media do not matter? 

Sure....  and Bill Maher is politically incorrect, no doubt.) 

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