Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The silver shilled libertards... still at it. I wonder if they think that their own families/tribes are "collectivists." Or perhaps they want to sell silver to African pygmies?

My comment to these 99.9% implicitly white/rugged individualists (euphemisms for ethno/racial groups tend to vary):
Silver shilled goyim, still trying to buy silver slippers to travel the yellow brick road of Oz. There's only one thing that the Jews fear and it's not the silver bullet that supposedly kills a mythological vampire under your bed. It's the "collectivism" that you condemn. Beginning with the basics, do you consider caring about your own tribal family/kith and kin as the "collectivism" that you want to be rid of? "There's no place like home." True, you made need silver... but what's this kosher bullshit about "collectivism" that you're pushing? You SHOULD be looking out for your family, tribe and extended family/tribe communities as ethnic groups.

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