Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Same old, same old...

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Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical.'s picture
The TBTF banks in complete collusion with the FED are using ZIRP money, money that the TBTF banks never intend to pay back, because they cannot pay it back even at zero interest, because much of it is being scattered around Wall Street in bonuses... They're using this stolen ZIRP money to prop up the highly leveraged stock and bond markets with HFT.  And this massive financial fraud is what is sapping the vitality out of the world economy, everyone and everything in it, like a rapacious, swirling black hole.   There should be no confusion about the long known "moral risk" of such a scheme.
To make this groteque idiocy seem something like more normal, the government is leaning toward legalizing dope, while our own government has become and endorsed the major suppliers of illicit and pharmaceutical narcotics worldwide.

These hope and change doper-progressives need to be exposed for what they are doing.
Moral risk, my ass.  These political people are giving Caligula run for his money.

In a word: Hopium.

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