Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Comment on "mysterious" reports of organ trafficking in Jew run Ukraine now...

Criminal Zionists/Jews have always found ways to work with criminal "Nazis"/tribes of other groups... but I think you'll fine that when it comes to keeping slaughters kosher among different mafias, few do what the "Kosher Nostra" mafias do. Judaic culture/tribes/gangs will keep recreating themselves based on the teachings of the rabbis about the goyim/cattle so long as you cannot say the word Jew.
Their culture forms a criminal gang/tribe that works with other gangs/mafias among the goyim until they decide to kill them too. That's why the "Nazis" of the Ukraine are dumb criminals, not nationalists. Thousands of years of history, the warnings of Jesus, Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Ezra Pound and too many intelligent "antisemitic" men to count.

And still, the goyim have not learned?

What did you think was going to happen? This is just another "Operation Bid Rig" like Tribe did in America to the dumb goyim. Google it. Keep in mind that sayanim tend to keep Google and Wiki kosher.

All this information about the Tribe (an international Mafia above all mafias...) is leaving an electronic footprint despite their best efforts these days. So if you're going to bother to write an article about this type of criminality by proxy/goyim golems then mention "Zionists" or "Jews" so that other lowly gentiles can find it.  ;-)

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