Thursday, October 01, 2015


Clock Boy and the Chattanooga "My name causes national security alerts." shooter are also observable results of more diversity because all diversity usually amounts to is being anti-White/anti-European.

Wherever White people live or seek to educate their children safely as a group is said to need more diversity, worldwide. 

This is not said about Asians or any other ethnic groups, it's only White people that need more diversity wherever they have families. 

 Until European Americans as a group begin to wrap their minds around the fact that they are being acculturated to want to do away with their own ethnic identity (enter Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren, Jeb Bush, etc.), they will continue to make their own children "less safe." 

They're currently surrounding their own children with progressively hostile minority groups that are being cultivated to be anti-White no matter reality at this point.  Latest example, the imaginary nooses at the University of Delaware recently:
“We are here today because we’re not returning [imaginary] hate with hate,” she said. “But this is not the end.”
“We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable [ yet imaginary] act has taken place [???] on our campus,” Targett said in the Tuesday night statement.  
A few students who walked by Mitchell Hall at lunchtime Wednesday paused to read signs on the trees or talk about the “noose-like objects” found in one of the trees.  [It was real in their feels?]

Elexis Keels, of Washington, D.C., said the discovery unsettled her.

“I shouldn’t feel unsafe walking past a building where there were supposedly nooses hanging down,” she said, “but I do. ... I don’t think it was paper lanterns.”  [Because she has some feels, I guess...  except if this incites another anti-White hate crime in reality then she will not have the feels.  Indeed, she will not even know about it.]
But no matter what the items were, change is coming, said Carol Henderson, the university’s vice provost of ["]diversity["].

She told the UD community Wednesday night that a ["]diversity["] action plan is circulating among senior leadership and awaiting approval before beginning implementation.

“We hear you. We see you,” Henderson said, gesturing to the crowd. “We need to walk arm in arm with them and say ‘I am concerned because you are concerned.’”  [Feeling your feels...]

She paused [theatrically, one might imagine...] before continuing.

“It cuts to my soul that we have this kind of [imaginary] pain on campus,” she said, before noting that Tuesday’s incident and Wednesday’s outpouring have provided her with a new mantra.

“Not on our campus,” she said. “We are bigger than hate.”  [I wonder if she came up with that herself?]
('Noose' incident stirs emotion on Del. campus
Brittany Horn, Sarika Jagtiani and Robin Brown, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal)
Apparently the current University of Delaware president is like Angela Merkel, on the verge of inciting anti-European violence based on her feels and imaginary events in the past instead of focusing on facts, logic and evidence.

This is all leaving an electronic footprint that can be juxtaposed with actual events in the declining Empire of Entertainment as more European Americans awaken to who they are in reality and why they've been targeted as a group for diversification worldwide in reality.

You may think that this can go on forever, gay and feminine feels to infinity and beyond based on this culture.  But reality (facts, logic, etc.) often has a way of intruding on imaginary events, theatrical productions and other forms of entertainment over time.

For many younger White men, this process has already begun.

"Why are we being blamed for imaginary nooses when we didn't even do anything?  Hmmm..." 

Looks like an explicit awareness of who they are as a group hasn't hit the schools or the campus of the University of Delaware yet.   You're being targeted for diversification, boys. 

Wakey, wakey, "men".....


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