Monday, October 12, 2015

10/12 meh... anti-white progressives are the worst, worse than implicitly white "conservatives"....

More from Jason: 
We have to start treating the American South, with their open carry and voter suppression like a pariah nation, similar to South Africa in the 1980’s and 1990’s. If they want “open carry” and voter suppression, fine. They just don’t get that stuff and also get to be treated like ["]grownups.["]   [Lol.] 
As these progressives sip in their Starbucks (Zionist CEO contributing to "apartheid" and a racism, by the way)...  here is some news from the "rainbow nation" created by people like Jason"33":

(South Africa - Genocide Watch)
(Afrikaner Genocide In South Africa - YouTube)
Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.

None of this much matters to the opinion makers of what used to be the West. For them, the true hallmark of leftist totalitarianism isn’t brutality—it’s kitsch, and we’ll see plenty of that. Mandela will be on every magazine cover, the Internet will be drowning in sentimental schmaltz, and Facebook will be littered with sanctimonious status updates.
Afrikaners as a people have been destroyed.   The names of Afrikaner heroes have been torn from towns, streets, and public squares, and replaced with those of “anti-apartheid” leaders. The collective white defense forces known as “commandos” have been outlawed, meaning that those unable to afford private security companies are left vulnerable to black violence.

Since Mandela refused any consideration of a Boer homeland, numbers alone ensure that Afrikaners are politically disenfranchised. More than 750,000 whites have left the country, but Boer farmers are trapped. Their wealth—their farmland—is illiquid. If they did try to leave, confiscatory taxation would leave them all but penniless. Mandela’s magnanimity consisted in keeping whites around to pay taxes to keep his one-party ANC dictatorship going, but denying them meaningful representation.

It will only get worse.
(Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper
 by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 5, 2013)
Fortunately people like Jason are leaving an electronic footprint for our people, as we continue to become conscious of who they are. 

They're the type of people that will incite Blacks against us based on imaginary nooses (imaginary ethnic tribalism/"racism") at the UofD while sipping on Starbucks (funding real, brutal ethnic nationalism) and so forth.

Witless.  And they're basically mentally ill... yet they don't kill themselves.  Well, they do kill themselves at a pretty high rate.  Maybe they know how screwed up they are subconsciously?  But apparently this witless cuck named Jason hasn't killed himself yet.  "Tea baggers.... ha, ha.. we're so funny, so gay and cynical and stuff... sip, sip."

The Left seems to be useless, so we'll have to focus on the Right first.

Note, you can be gay or you can argue that you're an "I want to eat poop person, minority.  Poop people civil rights!   For, civilization!" in the usual rainbow coalition or whatever. 

What's the one thing that these people don't want a group of people that they hate (heartland in America, farmers in South Africa) and want to disarm and possibly kill ("Line Republicans up and shoot them." --Delaware Dem) to do?  

If there's this one thing that these degenerates hate and do everything in their (Not inconsequential, even if they are cowards by nature.) power to suppress and diversify out of existence...  why is that?    What if you did the opposite of what they want, Mr. Moseley?    ;-)

In your case, I would make an exceptional exception because I don't really want you on our tribe/team.  You'd join up and start talking about how we're all another Hitler and then I'd have to be like: "Sorry, guys..."  

 So if you feel up to it, can you defend the CEO of Starbucks?

You better save him from Putin...  another Hitler!

Curious all that's going on in the world and Delaware Liberal is:
(Monday Open Thread [10.12.2015])
(John Kasich Shows How They Think They’ll Get Away With Cutting Social Security)  [And then what will Somalian immigrants or millions of other foreigners invited into an implicitly White welfare state do?  Oy vey!]

And Delaware Politics is:
(Open Thread 10/9/2015)  [But you're only supposed to talk about who you want for Lt. Governor.]

Sorry, you can delete this too. 

It's just kind of mind blowing what is actually happening in the real world while local bloggers are like:  "Delawhere?  Wut?  What tax rates should we have?  What if there are cuts in social security!"   


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