Friday, October 09, 2015


Joe the President: Episode Truthiness Gaffe

Off topic but the whole situation reminds me of Americans in general:
Crypto-Jew here, I'm paternally jewish as well and I totally get where you're coming from. My late-father who was half-Jewish, was incredibly intelligent both in mathematics and verbal I.Q., the guy was literally a rocket scientist. I only got the verbal I.Q. part(thanks mom). Keep in mind that Bobby Fischer, the greatest chess player of all time, was a full-Jew and he totally disavowed his religion and hated Jews. He knew their games.
Some of my friends are incredibly simple people that have never thought an original thought in their life, but I value them anyway because they are loyal to the end and trying to do the right thing and that's something that matters on an even higher level than intellect. 
  That's a conclusion that one might come to with respect to American politics too. 

Perhaps it's best just to let simpletons be simpletons.  But there again, you might not want them pretending to run the country either. 

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