Friday, October 23, 2015

Bored, just gisting the inane and witless whites over at Delaware Liberal when a "truther" comes along...

Someone alludes to obvious racial realities, given that genetics construct people that then construct "cultures" with remarkably limited variability.  This is the great bugaboo.  It is the keystone and foundation to it all, Republican or Democrat.  The "racism"....

Steve Newton says:  [Libertardarian]
Anonymous, the claim that “we should help people here first” is exactly like the claim made that “we should protect the unborn.”
It’s rhetoric, not support for different policies, as your last comment makes abundantly clear.
Anti-abortion rights protesters generally do not support funding to support child care or child health initiatives, or expanded SNAP for kids, just as anti-foreign aide/anti-refugee advocates won’t support putting up the money necessary to intervene in Wilmington when push comes to shove.  [He's either citing his imagination or making "implicit" claims.  These witless white cucks haven't seen push coming to shove yet.]
They just want to score points with false dichotomies rather than discuss policy.
That’s why it’s ["]trolling.["]

Here's a policy to discuss, accept all Afrikaner refugees into the North East of America.   None of these other ethnic groups, just them and perhaps some Russians... and see what happens. 

Perhaps more farms and something similar to Amish country would rather mysteriously begin to emerge in the countryside.

 "Discuss policy." You cannot do that because you're forbidden from talking about the truth while the same people that forbid ethnic awareness among European Americans (and Europeans in general) build up an ethnic state for themselves based on race.  Not to mention, "your" foreign policy:

Policy.  Reality.  

More Afrikaner refugees, zero Somalians. 

And a little while later, you'd have a country (and countryside) that numerous groups of people would like to migrate to or be "refugees" in.  

As opposed to this:

Back to the witless cucks:

I suspect we could help the refugees and help ["]“our own”["] at the same time. We just haven’t had the will.

I'll double or triple quote it.  What are these witless wonders trying to leave implicit?  African Americans were "our own" but they're going to be blended out of existence and displaced as a group based on your witless cowardice and Judaic "equality" political correctness.  If you actually wanted to help then you would build an ethnic state for them.  You don't have a problem using the federal government to build an ethnic state for a different group, so that's no excuse.   Don't bring that equality and diversity for all crap up when you're continually turning a blind eye to a form of racial supremacy and using the federal government ("policy") to build up a state based on race for a different group.

These liberals/libertarians are usually like the Jewish Left:  "Well, I once mumbled a few words about it."  No, if you're so anxious to avoid implicitly helping "our own" kith and kin with our own government in order to avoid an appearance of the racism while you're simultaneously merely mumbling:  "Well, you know... I disagree with a Zionism because it's a racism too... uh, or somethin'.  Sip, sip.. me Starbucks." then you're just like the Jewish Left.


These witless white cucks may boycott and go out protesting in the streets over IMAGINARY nooses and an IMAGINARY racism of their own kith and kin while sipping on their Starbucks.

One has to laugh at their little discussions about the racism and the near total establishment of Judaic/feminist "political correctness" in America now.

Policy or reality at the individual level...  they would boycott Starbucks and that would be all over their little blog so that they could lead the way to defeat the racism in reality.  Not in their imagination, like the IMAGINARY nooses at the UofD...  reality!  Lol. 

Oh well.  It would seem that white people are an inferior race in many respects, in reality.  We are actually diverse, so we're not all equal and interchangeable.  But in the V is for Victim politics of Judaic political correctness in the Empire of Entertainment that they've built for themselves in America, wouldn't that mean that any inferiority or disability among whites is actually superior?!  :-)

We just haven’t had the will.


And you wouldn't want the will to try to look out for your nation and minority groups within your nation first and foremost if you saw it.  In order to help poor African Americans you would have to have a strong nation of your own capable of creating wealth.  But you have lost the will to create and maintain a nation like that, for the usual reason.  So don't expect African Americans to be helped any time soon.  In fact, they may be the first neighborhoods to be targeted with Hispanics or Syrian immigrants.  

pandora says:
October 23, 2015 at 8:33 am
I’m no longer feeling childish. [Does that even matter, when someone "thinks" like a child based on feelings alone?]  Steve’s correct, Anonymous. [Translation, Libertarded reinforcements arrived, feeling better now...] You don’t want to help the refugees or the city of Wilmington. [Virtue signalling...] Truth is, you know very little about either situation. What these two things have in common, for you, is that they both represent the “other”.  [And there it is, getting the feels.] You never offer solutions.
 It's very important for white women to have someone to otherize.  That's why Jewish V is for Victim politics is so successful among them as an ethnic group.  It's the Normans, the wives of the North men that want to bring in every bedraggled refugee in out of the snow just in time for Winter.  Kith and kin.  Cozy.

Problem.  This all leads somewhere, it's like opening Pandora's box.  If the whole North man civilization begins to be overwhelmed (bring out the libertardians to complain of the police state, etc.) then the patient North man will have to lead his wife.  Because you can't necessarily bring in every single person in the world that's the other while simultaneously providing White privileges to your own kith and kin.

Guess what the North men will begin to do when stirred to wrath by witless white wonder women like you, "Pandora"?  It's already begun with this Trump stuff.  Still a reality show but there's something implicit that's becoming more and more explicit.  You can try to blame Trump for acting as a lightning pole for it based on his theatrical productions.  But it's actually you in reality, as a witless White woman trying to otherize everyone in the world based on your pathological need for empathy and more gay feels.  After the Jews that are using you, you are the primary source of all this.  You're giving birth to it, as your pandora's box of diversity continues to open. 

So don't hate your own creation.  

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