Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Politicians merely spend other people’s money, presumably until there’s nothing left to spend.

They're borrowing money into existence out of nothing from bankers, creating a supposed investment opportunity for people that already have money. 

I forget all the rube Goldberg machines but they're not merely "spending other people's money."  They're inflating it.  Deflating it.  Changing its price/interest rate.  They're calling up their friend Jack Lew and asking what he can do for the Ukraine.  Bernanke sent millions to foreign banks of the Tribe.  They're creating a quadrillion dollar derivatives market in which a fraction of a HFT milisecond or a .0000001% change in rates results in a billion petrodollars.  Etc.

Maybe it's not the rich vs. the poor like Bernie Sanders and other members of the Tribe on the Left make it.  Perhaps the main point for some is to keep it from turning into Jew vs. Gentile again.  Lloyd Blankfein supporting gay minority marriage and all the rest of it is in their interests.  Who is the first Minority of them all?

Historian Jew dude: "I thought we instructed them never again, over and over again?"

Movie Jew dude:   "I'm making another move like the Wolf of Wallstreet telling them they did it.  Then, another Nazi Holocaust movie..."

Old "economist" Jew dude: "It must be the economic cycle or somethin'. So let's bailout Jewish bankers, just to be sure there isn't a crisis for us."

Old psychiatric Jew dude: "It must be because the goyim randomly go craaaazy. So let's try to psychoanalyze them like they're neurotic, like me!"

Media, publishing and PR Jew dude: "Here, let me help try to tell the goyim about your complex economic and psychological theories. More complexity and complexes, it's all very complicated.  Sort of like money!"

Zionist Jew dude: "We need to fight for our own state, this way we can all Jew each other over... and sterilize these Ethiopian Jews and stuff. This way, never again!"

Political Jew dude: "Don't worry, I'm buying these goyim golem politicians... they'll help protect us from all criticism, so that we can Jew each other in our own state. And stuff. Or somethin'."

Conspiracy theory Jew dude: "It's the illuminati and the lizard people hiding in the middle of a flat earth. How do they get in the middle of the flat earth? With the space ships that Hitler gave them, of course!"

Geopolitical Jew dude, very moderate and serious: "This all goes back to colonialism and British imperialism. That's all it is, these Europeans messing up the MidEast... I says. We weren't even banking on them back then. Now attack Syria, it's in our... i I mean your interests or somethin'."

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