Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Comment 10/28

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They want to get rid of Assad because that is in Israeli interests.

Hezbollah defeated IDF 

Assad, Hezbollah

That's the main reason that they're willing to have Syria imploded, pipeline or not.  According to your kosher analysis, they're going to do what... build a pipeline with ISIS?  Wrap your mind around this, Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) was not about the oil.  That's why the US hasn't been getting the oil. 
The Left is full of kosher, flabby frauds like Michael Moore rolling around saying "No blood for oil."  The Right is full of people like Ari "Jewish supremacist" Fleischer trotting out to the podium to talk about OIL. 
How many times do you guys have to see this all play out before you learn to say the word "Zionist," then Jew?

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