Monday, October 19, 2015


I guess you missed it. Many people are beginning to suggest that Americans have an ethnic identity.

It's probably the "majority" that anti-whites like you and the Huffpost are always talking about.

Muslim kid brings a clock to school and Islamaphobics go ape-shit.
"It's probably the "majority" that anti-whites like you"

Wait, "whites" now means "fools"?

In any case, White means the group of people that invented almost all of the technology used to create the First World that people like clock boy want to come to in order to pretend that they invented something too.
I suppose the irony of inventing Islamophobia to align with homophobia is lost on some muddle headed white women at this point.

Regardless, this is quite a coalition of rainbow minorities you have going now. Who is the supposed majority that you an
d the Huffington Post are targeting for displacement by "inventors" like clock boy, again?

Curious thing about that, if he can't actually invent much but some White Boy Scout can invent a nuclear reactor in his garage then there may be "problems" for you in the future once more Boy Scouts figure out why they've been targeted as an ethnic group by you people.  ;-)

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