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Rather "significant" events unfolding and still nothing from Delaware Politics or Delaware Liberal, just this gay stuff that the Tribe has been using to target its hated ethnic/white enemy from the heartland (represented in this case by Kim Davis being attacked by total degenerates like Nitpicker).  I guess they're acting like a "hate group," as a tribe.

Might want to inform the SPLC.  Or perhaps form our own organizations to do surveillance on them?

If you freedumb fries eaters are interested in putting down the remote and turning off stupid Jewish TV* shows like Modern Family for a second, note:
I summarized the dubious history of wars initiated over the past century, including the nature of false flags and false paradigms created by ["]globalists["] designed to divide nations and peoples and turn them against each other. This strategy of engineered war (along with engineered economic collapse) has been used time and time again by ["]the elites["] to artificially generate chaos and then consolidate and centralize power while the masses are blinded by confusion.

Even back then, the problem with Syria seemed obvious:

    "...We have a nuclear armed Israel itching to attack Iran. We have Iran engaged in a defense pact with Syria against Israel. We have Syria with Russian navy bases and weapons on its soil, and we have the U.S. rampaging through the Middle East encroaching on the borders of Pakistan and Yemen, essentially pissing off everyone. What we have is a ["]Globalist["] made recipe for disaster, using the same ingredients they have used for the last several major wars..."

Only a year after I published the piece the civil uprising in Syria began, starting with the “Daraa protest movement”, aided by covert intelligence agencies including the CIA.
Some developments I suggested in my previous articles have not yet surfaced ["theories"...  Of course, this guy doesn't name the Jew so his theories may still be off some.] , though I believe there is more than enough momentum for them to be triggered. For instance, I believe Israel is still the ultimate wild card in the Syrian crisis.   A military response from Israel is more than possible, particularly against Iran in retaliation for flooding into the region. Further U.S. involvement, including the greater commitment of major naval assets, is likely. And if the U.S. or Israel escalate, I believe Iran will shut down the Strait of Hormuz, perhaps even with the aid of Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted that Israeli activity in Syrian airspace will be obstructed, and reports of some “near misses” between Russian and Israeli fighters have surfaced.

*Also, Joe Biden is right about people watching Jewish TV shows.    So even you guys, if you're still watching that crapola, will begin to argue:  "Say, gay marriage isn't so bad...  why do we need marriage?  Maybe we should take down Washington's Monument and the Capital Dome because the Two Towers that represent the center of trade in our country have already been demolished.  So why not just build once giant monument to a dildo!" 

And so on.

If you watch any of your so-called "mainstream media" then you are subjecting yourself or your children to having their defenseless brains conditioned by a tribal group of subversive degenerates.  Yet then you seem surprised that someone like Kim Davis has to leave the public square so that a gay Satanic statue can be erected.

Note Mr. Moseley, you are building an ethnic state for people like Anton Levay ("Satanist"), Alinsky ("revolutionary"), Cass Sunstein ("big brother, conspiracy theory"),  George Soros ("oligarch"), Rahm Emmanuel ("adviser"), Jack Markell ("Oops, tweeted wrong picture of my fantasy slave goy?"), Ruth Bader Ginsberg ("establish our minority among the goy"), Elena Kagan ("I might be a lesbian minority tribe too."),  Susan Sotang ("The white race is a cancer."), Tim Wise ("I hope the greatest generation is dead by now."), Emma Goldstein ("Once we have white genocide, then the racism will be defeated."), Eli Roth ("Watch me beat the goyim to death in movies, then torture more."),    Bill Kristol ("WMDs!"), Michael Chertoff ("WMDS, in the underpants of the goyim!", Ben Bernanke ("Here goy, let me help you financially.", Alan Greenspan ("Oops, guess we financed more wars somehow.  Would you like a gold standard?"),  Paul Wolf (whatever) witz ("It's a good thing we got all this money for the war on terror!"), Rabbi Dov Zakheim ("Well, I might need an ethnic state to go to."), Bernie Maddoff ("Oops, if only I had only defrauded the goyim, then I might get to go too!"),  Sheldon Adelson ("Here's this casino, it's like your politicians.  You can be a wiener, I mean a winner!"), Barney Frank ("Here, let me and my boyfriend try to help the goy with more regulations."),  Lloyd Blankfein ("Here's this crap, buy it. I'm going to use my bailout money to support same sex marriage now."),  Diane Feinstein ("Have we disarmed the goyim yet?  Seriously, how long is this going to take?"), Michael Bloomberg ("Well, I have a private island to go to.. but I still want an ethnic state too."),  the CEO of Starbucks ("Here goy, have this conversation about race.  But don't have a conversation about me.  That's a hate speech!"), Donald Sterling ("I'm an example of white racism.",  Chuck Schumer ("Seriously, have we disarmed the heartland yet?  Bloomberg, why didn't the Sandy Hook pretext work?"), Seth Rogen ("Watch this movie about North Korea. You know, Chris Kyle was like a Nazi.")... 

And on, and on, and on the list could go.

I guess Glen Beck could make it into a theatrical production like Schindler's list and fall down crying about how they're all about to be turned into imaginary lampshades and soap again.  Never again!

Why are people like you and Glen Beck (and Republicans in general) so feverish about building an ethnic state and risking world war for their ethnic group?  Who do you think their global ethnic group is, exactly?  Why does someone like Soros or the "blood diamond" Jewelry pushers need an ethnic state to go to if the goyim get tired of their behavior?  Or the "Russian" oligarchs?   Or Chabad?

Maybe they should be held accountable for their behavior instead. 

If our own European American ethnic group (and subgroups) wanted to build up an ethnic state somewhere in America then you would be there aligned with Cass Sustein and the SPLC within two seconds, trying to diversify and ethnically replace us as a group again. 

Crying and bringing along some gay midgets and rainbows too, it would seem.      

Your mainstream culture:
"Modern Family."
"Modern Art." 

Your politics:
"The National Review."
"The Weekly Standard."

Anyway, I write here out of habit.  We're better off without you joining our group.

We'll take it from here.  Maybe eventually we will even be able to get the National Youth Front to show up on campus to recruit young white men when they're implicitly blamed for IMAGINARY nooses, rape and on and on.... and so on and so forth.  If you can't see that the Jews have established an anti-White culture here by now, then you may never see it.

For now:
(Meet the National Youth Front: The New Racists on Campus ...
Southern Poverty Law Center )

Ha, ha...

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