Friday, October 30, 2015

Ha, ha... "free speech" and more freedumbs in America....

 Today, I am calling attention to the fact that 3 Sussex GOP members have decided to sue Frank — a blogger — for defamation.

Sounds like they're one step from forming an "Anti-Defamation League."    It's all very "Orwellian."  ;-) 
 Just go here to see the letter.  But also see the rest of his post — they’ve contacted his employer, they’ve called the police on him and pretty much tried to harrass him out of his own viewpoint on his party’s and his party’s members’ actions.

 This is nothing compared to what a real Tribe does.  This fake political party stuff is for the birds.  Or the goyim.. pretty much the same thing anyway.

Of course, I'm against it.  No surprise that Don Ayotte is apparently for it.
 This is completely despicable — rather than engage in more free speech, the parties suing — Vincent Calabro, Lacey Lafferty and Don Ayotte — are trying to bully Frank Knotts into shutting up and falling in line.
 Terrible.  ;-)
 From where I sit, this one action is more than enough reason for all three of these people to never be trusted with either public office or party leadership.
 Yet he probably wants to vote for Bernie Sanders and other Jews, as if they haven't openly established a multi million dollar Anti-Defamation League to police speech in America.
 I’m calling your attention to this because we should all see how folks on the right wing fringe operate — you will not criticize us or we will bully you.
 Sussex GOP Doesn't Support Freedumb of Speech and Discourse

I'm against the kosher freedumb fry eaters. 

But GOOD GRIEF... these "lib"(tardarian) numb nuts want to "call attention" to the formation of a very small and irrelevant sort of "Anti-Defamation League" while playing pretend that the elimination of free speech is supposedly confined to "right wing" politics? 

Shrug.   It's been my experience that "liberals" are actually the first to censor.

On a side note, either we happy few here on the internet keep free speech safe from the Tribe ("hate speech," defamation, incitement, etc.) or they're going to shut it down. 

These other guys on all sides probably don't even care because it's just politics for them.

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