Friday, October 16, 2015

The keystone, the lynchpin and the foundation of it all... racism/antisemitism over at Delaware Politics.

Sorry Rick, but Mr. Watts was warned several times about using racial or anti-Semitic comments and was told he was put on a short leash. I conferred with my staff writer and others before taking this much needed action. It is final. His comments could bring legal action to our site and cannot be tolerated. Don Ayotte, Managing Editor.

All these old and increasingly irrelevant dudes and cucks that are allowing the ethnic replacement and diversification of their own children had to do is get Mr. Anderson himself to ask me to leave.

Because he has more sense than they do. They're just the degenerates that put younger generations in this mess in the first place with their cultural cowardice (zero ethnic identity here) but freedumb fry eating "courage" all around the world (defeating another Hitler and the racism/antisemitism everywhere, all around the rest of the world.)

Actually, they didn't get Mr. Anderson himself.  ;-)  Lol.

On a side note, these guys keep on playing dumb about the way Jews/antisemitism/racism goes directly to gays/transgenders and more "progress" against the ethnic target (White, Christian, male)  of the hate groups that the Jewish Left is using as proxies to maintain power for their own ethnic group.  Cuckservatives like Delaware Politics seem to want to argue:  "Well, if we just give up our customs and traditions of free speech for the antisemitism and white racism then we will be kosher."

No, you will not be.  First the Jewish Left came for the Germans (A continuing process that you can observe right now.) and now they're already coming to diversify you and your children out of existence as an ethnic group.

Duh!   Lol...  whatever.  

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