Monday, October 12, 2015


More irony, those white progressive cucks that loved to talk about "Tea Baggers" are complaining about sneering now? 

The interesting thing about white progressives is that although they have a high rate of suicide, they're often too cowardly to kill themselves to save the planet from white people.  So they usually put posterity and our kith and kin in a bad spot instead. 

Example, surrounding them with Somali immigrants that will be a permanent generational problem or globally, celebrating and creating a "rainbow nation" of genocide South Africa.  Or they support the ethnic displacement, if not the ethnic cleansing of Germans currently underway now.  

And now these gay "tea bagger" factions (They should know!) are complaining about sneering?

We have not yet begun to find candidates to sneer at your fake "war heroes" and traitorous old white men that think it's a good idea to surround posterity with diverse ethnic hate groups.  Hate groups that are already targeting our kith and kin with an anti-White hate culture and hate crimes that are never counted as "hate crimes" against white people by your so-called "national" and "mainstream media" in America.

(John McCain snipes at Marco Rubio on immigration: The ...)
(John McCain Has a Few Things to Say About Donald Trump ...)

Worth a mention, Trump may shift away from representing the interests of white people as a group eventually too.  They usually go to DC and rather mysteriously become global empire builders talking about "national" security.  

But the whole point of forcing these guys to begin to represent white people explicitly is to bring pressure against them while we continue to begin to get this anti-White/Jewish "mainstream" culture in America "sorted" out.  

It's a process that's already begun.

Meanwhile... Democrats are a coalition of minorities:
Telling Republican the TRUTH About Planned Parenthood
This is AMAZING. The ending is the best part.
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What's the ending?   They're openly saying that it's a minority/majority coalition that will not "go back" to the 1950s.  But they'll go back to the stone age with Muslims for the sake of so-called diversity.  They'll "go back" to Mexican machismo culture for the sake of enrichment.  They'll "turn back the clock" with Clock Boy.  But they will not "go back" to any time or place where white people were a majority in their own countries.  That is all this amounts to.  

This cultural attack created by those that cannot be named which is then picked up on by "minorities" of ill will applies to Europe as well.  It applies everywhere.

The fact that it's a global anti-white ideology and culture is something that "prepper" nutjobs (As the most extreme example of so-called "white flight"...  no one else does that!  Although I guess Northern Asians are coming to America to ) may want to consider once they get to their bunkers in the hillside or whatever.  There will still be proxy groups of minorities incited and led by those that cannot be identified as a group coming there to diversify you out of existence or "equalize" you with some Chinese midgets.  (Whatever minority proxy group is handy...  hopefully it's not Muslims.  Because, after all.. they're all the "terrorists" until it's time to enrich European communities with more diversity and equality.) 

Ethnic Bolsheviks will come preaching equality and diversity wherever you go, especially if you wind up building a nice little town there.  (In the name of liberty and apple pies as your European tribes expand and build cities that other people dream of moving to again.  The usual.) 

White people:  "This is all about liberty.  Now give me the apple pie, or death!  It's a matter of abstract principle and whiteness... I mean fairness... that's not implicit whiteness!"

*What a little pipsqueak:
His supporters have given him the nickname El Gallito – the little fighting rooster – in reference to his fiery oratory and political prowess.[9]  --Wikipedia
  This little cuck likes to pretend that he's a big cock?  Cock-a-doodle... cuck!  ;-)  All these surface issues of gun control, Planned Parenthood or some dumb gay stuff that takes the gay wedding cake (or the import/export bank???) are generally fake. 

Other than the "KKK" proxy Kardashian family of Kabbalah, all that is the real circus.  They say that Trump is a circus.  But he's the only one that came full circle to focus on a fundamental, primal issue that a group of foreigners is using against all Americans.  (Global diversity and international equality/communism nurtured and cultivated by a different group is mainly used against the original groups that built this country, African and European Americans.)   

What people are beginning to think, regardless of Trump trying to harness and use it to become president:  "It seems like we don't need people wandering around in burkas enriching us with diversity here.  Why do we need that?  Syrian refugees?  Why are we bombing their country in the first place?

 We can have more burkas here but we can't turn back the clock... to the oppressive 1950s of our ancestors?  Huh?  The progressives say this is all because of the year it is.  It's now this year, which isn't that year when white people were a majority.  That's their explanation for more enrichment?  Wait a second... somethin' seem wrong here but me not know because of the racism.  So maybe this Black guy named Carson knows.  Wait, now he's being blamed for victimizing the victims in Oregon and Muslims too ????  Me racist, he racist?  Me thought the whole reason to hide behind him was to avoid a racism!  


Because you're all getting Jewed over, Mr. Carson... and any strong Black leaders will too.  So if you're white, it's probably about time that you stopped trying to hide behind African American men now. 

I mean the real men.. not this fake half white/Kenyan that the mentally ill Left wanted to try to have lead them from their gay behinds.  Good grief...  how bad do Jews have to make the culture and financial system of the Wiemar/American Republic?  As this continues to unfold, as it will... it's almost like watching a child that actually wants to be disciplined by an "authoritarian personality type" even if the supposed "Nazi"/fascist/white authority actually didn't want to discipline them in the first place. 

Anyway, with respect to the Black vs. White game incited by folks like Soros... groups of people can have their own interests and communities that come into alignment while maintaining their distinct and actually diverse ethnic heritages.  It's best to keep ethnic groups and diversity to a minimum in a country as well, given that it's natural for people to form ethnic mafias or "inner city gangs" that form at the drop of the hat among  some groups.

  Even Northern Europeans, as people that are kind of low on the "racial"/tribal spectrum will "go tribal" when push comes to shove against their own kith and kin. 

Indeed, they already are.

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