Wednesday, October 21, 2015


It's very easy to come in as a "communist" or socialist and begin promoting equality/envy. This, while your own ethnic group is the most oligarchic in the world primarily based on usury and not based on building towns or creating wealth and small businesses like Europeans and Americans of European descent usually do.

The global federal reserve system of usury that European Americans have been incorporated in by "folks" like Bernie Sanders isn't capitalism, it's banksterism practiced by people that believe in rabbinic teachings of racial supremacy. So every time Bernie as a supposed socialist spends money lent at interest into existence by a group of private bankers (out of nothing) that tends to creates more of the "wealth disparity" among the goy that his own ethnic group is primarily responsible for in the first place.

In order to totally turn the tables on Judaic money changers as Jesus did, you'd have to get into what money is and so forth. And I think you'll fine that Sanders doesn't want to follow through on that. For all his talk about the "inequality" created primarily by his own ethnic group note:

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