Monday, October 05, 2015

"American" culture... JUDEO-Christian... now more Judaic than Christian.

What you are observing in American culture didn't just happen randomly, out of the blue.   For example... subversive and degenerate artists can get money to degrade and destroy art that aligns with our customs and traditions as a group.  They can also get money to push interracial pornography and so on.  Anything that is subversive to European Americans or diversifies them out of existence as a group will be (rather mysteriously, from your perspectives) financed and supported. 


Wolf argues: "Cultural entropy."  "Random."  "It must be the natural course of Empires." 

No, this culture of multiculturalism and diversity is being cultivated by a specific group of people with names, addresses and bank accounts because they want to degrade and spit on other groups of people in accordance with their traditions. 

If you think it's just "random" and the natural degeneracy of some artists then let a degenerate artist put crap on the symbols of their ethnic group (just art!) or use artistic license to defame their ethnic group.   See what happens to the "free speech" (Our own custom as European Americans, not their tradition.) that many try to use as a weapon against us.  

*Ironically, Joe Biden identified the most influential source of "cultural entropy"...  which will lead to the problem, an ideology of subversion and the creation of cultural chaos is not a governing philosophy in alignment with our own customs and traditions.  An army marching around in high heels or attending diversity and sensitivity classes is not going to be ready to fight a war.  A bankrupt city that's been burned down by easily incited African Americans chanting about how their lives matter (Because they've never had to look in the media as a mirror.) cannot create the drones.  And so forth.

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